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A cot fit for a King donated to New Zealand family

george plunket2One can assume that Prince George is sleeping well in his nursery at Kensington Palace. However, whilst our future King sleeps, one of New Zealand’s poorest family’s has their baby tucked away in a cot that is fit for a King.

The Royal Visit Office have revealed that the barely used cot, which was purchased for Prince George to sleep in for his stay at Government House in Wellington during the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s recent New Zealand tour, has been given to a ‘worthy’ home.

The Governor General’s official residence in Wellington had one of its many stately rooms turned into a Royal nursery during the ten day visit, and so the office purchased many items of baby furniture specially for the Royal visitors.

This week, a spokesperson for the RVO commented: ” The few items we had have been donated anonymously in the community to those in need”.

Zac Prendergast of Plunket has said that the RVO asked his organisation to identify a family who could make good use of a cot, mattress and bedding. “It was given to Plunket to distribute to a family with high needs, with a stipulation there would be no commercial gain or identification with the Royal Family”, Prendergast stated.

Prendergast also said he did not know where the furniture was distributed to, adding that it could be anywhere in New Zealand. The bedding was laundered before being given away and a car seat intended for Prince George to use, however it was not needed during the tour in the end, was put into the Plunket car seat hire pool.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent ten days in New Zealand in April 2014 before moving on to Australia. Prince George joined his parents for the royal tour and spent most of his time in Wellington with his nanny, Maria Borrallo.

Photo credit: Government House, New Zealand/ Woolf/ Crown

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