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60% Believe Prince William Should Be Allowed To Serve On Front Lines!

A recent poll conducted by the YouGov website shows that 6 out of 10 people believe that Prince William should be allowed to serve in Afghanistan, despite his position as future King of the United Kingdom.

The poll showed that 60% of people surveyed believed the Duke should be able to serve on the front lines if he wished. 28% of people said he should not and 12% said they were indifferent or undecided towards the matter.

For decades, the position of future heirs to the throne in combat has been debated. Whilst it is almost expected that male members of the Royal Family join the Armed Forces, heirs to the throne in particular hardly even get a look in to fight in wars.

Recently, HRH Prince Harry returned from the front lines in Afghanistan where he performed a 4-month tour of duty as an Apache helicopter pilot.

Prince William currently performs work in attachment to the RAF as a search and rescue pilot based in Anglesey, Wales. His secondment there is due to end soon and he will return to the Blues and Royals where he is known as Captain Wales, just like his brother who is also a Captain in the Blues and Royals.

Ministers have maintained advice against Prince William or any high-ranking person serving on the front lines due to the increased risk to them and their contemporaries who may be targeted more due to Prince William’s presence.

As Prince William is destined to be King one day, his situation is different to his brother’s.

One day when Prince William becomes King, he will be head of the Armed Forces as Commander-in-Chief.

For now, we look forward in interest to see what His Royal Highness will decide.

  • tango31

    I don’t think he should go to the front lines. William is the first good thing that has happened to the monarchy in a long time. With him, they have a chance to do something different and have a more positive image. If they lose him, then all we have is naked Harry!

  • Western Civ

    The desire of both princes to serve on the frontlines is admirable. However, the prospect of their being captured or injured by alQaeda is intolerable. Can you imagine the devasting effect of their capture or injury upon the Armed Forces and the nation?! Their higher duty as Royals is to serve behind the frontlines.

  • cshell

    I feel that Prince William would be better served if he stayed at home and helped the Queen and Prince Philip with their appointments. It is time both of them slow down. Prince William will also have more responsibilities as their family grows, and he will want to be involved in that, as his mother was in raising him. He will have many more responsibilities as they move into their homes. He will also probably be spending more time with his grandmother so she can pass on to him the many things he will need when he in turn is King as there is no degree in how to be Queen or King.

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