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Buckingham Palace intruder charged

A man who scaled a security fence at Buckingham Palace has been charged.

William Hayes-Collins, a 24-year-old man from Croydon, gained access to the secure area after police observed him managing to climb over a fence on CCTV last August.

He did not gain access to the Palace, and at the time, no members of the Royal Family were in residence.

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said that while he climbed the security fence, he was being monitored as he did so. And that police “watched him go over and as soon as he was over, they had him.”

The breach was relatively minor and was not related to terrorist activity; the man was not armed, and no taser had to be deployed. The man had been drinking before climbing over the fence.

The Metropolitan Police also said: “William Hayes-Collins, 24 (20/11/1992), of Wickham Avenue, Croydon, was charged on Friday, 3 February with trespass on a protected site, namely Buckingham Palace, contrary to sections 128 to 131 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.”

This is not the only recent breach of Buckingham Palace security. In May 2016, another person had to be arrested after breaching a perimeter wall; it took a full seven minutes for an alarm to be triggered and police officers to find him.

At the time of that incident, Adrian Usher, head of the Mety’s royalty and specialist protection said: “I am content that our security measures worked effectively on this occasion and at no time was any individual at risk.”

However, Ken Wharfe, who was a protection officer for Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry said otherwise: “It took seven minutes to find this guy, which is a hell of a long time. Ten seconds is a long time; a minute is a long time. Once somebody is over that wall, unless you catch them immediately, there’s no telling where that person might go.”

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