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Succession To The Crown Bill Set To Become Law Next Week

The Succession To The Crown Bill is set to become law sometime next week after it finishes its final stage in Parliament and goes off for Royal Assent.

The bill is expected to head off from Parliament sometime after 22nd April, next week, when the Succession to the Crown Bill has its final reading in the House of Lords.

The bill, which removes the system of male-preference primogeniture in favour of absolute primogeniture, has been talked about for decades but until 2011, nothing had gotten further than ‘early days’ bills being drafted.

After what is now known as the ‘Perth Agreement’ in 2011, where the 16 Commonwealth Realms agreed that the law should be changed to allow females equal rights of succession, a bill started to be drafted for the Houses of Parliament and was speeded up by last year’s announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a child.

Now, the bill is to have its 3rd reading which is the final stage in the Lords, before being put in for amendments and then going off to Her Majesty The Queen to give it Royal Assent and make it law.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]The Succession To The Crown Bill removes what is known as ‘Male Preference Primogeniture’, whereby female children of the Monarch only succeed if they have no brothers and replaces it with ‘Absolute Primogeniture’, where the eldest child of the Sovereign, regardless of gender, would succeed them.[/box]

Once this bill is passed, it will mean that whatever gender the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby is, it will definitely become King or Queen of Britain and if female, cannot be overtaken in the line of succession by a younger brother.


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