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Queensland Rejects Crown Succession Legislation, Could End Up With Different Monarch

The Australian State of Queensland has rejected legislation to bring laws of succession to the Australian crown in line with that of the British crown.

The state of Queensland has already said that if Australia became a republic, it would [try to] pass laws to keep the British Monarch as its head of state. Now, it is refusing to pass legislation which would bring it in line with the British Succession laws which are due to pass very soon.

The British Succession to the Crown Bill is due to exit the Houses of Parliament and go to The Queen for Royal Assent to become law after Monday next week when it has its last day in the House of Lords.

The other 15 countries with Her Majesty as head of state have already begun working on motions to ensure that Britain’s Monarch will also be the Monarch of the other commonwealth realms and not have the issue where the Head of State could be unintentionally different because of a legal technicality.

The Succession to the Crown Bill seeks to allow females equal rights of succession to the throne, so they cannot be overtaken in the line of succession by a younger brother.

Queensland is known for refusing federal legislation, claiming its right to create its own laws.

“Queensland is proud of its own relationship with the Monarchy and as a Sovereign State it should look to preserve this status at all times,” the state’s attorney-general, Jarrod Bleijie, said last year.

A study by a Dr Twomey into the effects of changing the laws in each of the realms said: “As no change has been made to the law of succession to the throne since 1936, most Realms have no experience of dealing with the issue.”

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