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Queen’s Guards Begin Parading In Red Tunics For Summer

Today, the Queen’s Guards swapped their great coats which are designed for the winter months and donned the Home Service Dress for the first time this year.

All winter, since October, the Guards have been parading in their grey great coats which are designed for the winter months. Today was the first day that the Guards began parading in the traditional Home Service Dress or ‘red tunics’ as they’re known.

The Changing the Guard today took place at Buckingham Palace and showed the guards looking resplendent in their tunics.

The guards are now prepared in the right uniform for this June’s Trooping The Colour which will feature the 1st battalion Welsh Guards trooping their colour.

In a twist of irony today though, on the day they began wearing their summer dress; it began snowing and had a temperature average of around 1 degree celsius.

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