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Princess Anne & Sir Timothy Laurence hosts banquet for Spanish King & Queen

The Princess Royal and her husband, Vice-Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, hosted King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain to a lavish banquet in London on Thursday.

Meeting Their Majesties outside of the Guildhall, Princess Anne welcomed them with a curtsy during the second day of the Spanish State Visit.

The event was organised to honour His Majesty’s visit to the United Kingdom – a State Visit that had to be postponed on two previous occasions.

As guests arrived, the Royal Air Force Music and The Queen’s Colour Squadron Guard of Honour performed to keep those present entertained.

King Felipe and the Lord Mayor of London both gave speeches at the dinner came to an end.

Princess Anne is one of three members of the British Royal Family who have been awarded a Spanish Honour for her role during the State Visit.

Alongside the Duke of York and Prince Harry, Princess Anne has been appointed to the Order of Isabel the Catholic – a Spanish Civil Order in which membership is granted in recognition of services that benefit the country.

Although usually awarded to Spanish nationals, recipients occasionally come from other countries too, as is the case with the British Royal Family.

The Queen’s daughter also attended the State Banquet, along with other members of the British Royal Family.

The Duke of York will be tasked with showing The King and Queen of Spain around the new Francis Crick Institute. They will be met by Chief Executive, Sir Paul Nurse, and tour the Institute, meeting members of the Spanish scientific community working in the UK.

Prince Harry has also been appointed to the Order for his role during the Spanish State Visit. On Thursday he accompanied The King and Queen to Westminster Abbey.

  • Joe Goodyear

    Long live HRH The Princess Anne, the Princess Royal!

  • Ipsi

    Love her curtsy!

  • Jacqueline Rees-adams

    Admirable woman, she’s her mothers daughter alright

  • Daisymay

    What a miserable looking pair I hope they managed a smile during the proceedings.

  • wildrose

    The Princess Royal is one hardworking lady. Lovely too. When Princess Anne first came out to New Zealand – she was just a delight. A hard worker, stunning when she was younger, always had her special character and has never lost it. Regal, practical, forthright and with a work ethic that certainly comes from knowing that for all the privilege – you do the hard yards.

    Duty, service and loyalty – a credit to the BRF, certainly a jewel in the Crown,

    All credit to her.

    Have a good evening.

  • Janet Watkins

    Am a big fan of Princess Anne a true Royal Princess

  • scott

    The Princess Royal and her husband did not host the dinner, they were guests, representing The Queen. The dinner was hosted by The Lord Mayor of London.

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