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BREAKING: King and Queen of Spain to visit the UK on a State Visit

It has been announced that King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain will be undertaking a State Visit to the UK in June.

The monarch will be coming to Europe between from June 6 – June 8 to promote close ties between the two countries.

This likely means that Donald Trump’s State Visit to the UK will take place in the Autumn now the June booking has been filled.

However, the news of the State Visit comes at a time when there is tension between the two countries regarding the issue of Gibraltar.

In a speech last year, The King said: “I invite the UK, on this first occasion at the UN after Brexit, to end the colonial anachronism of Gibraltar with an agreed solution between both countries to restore the territorial integrity of Spain and bring benefits to the people of Gibraltar and the Spanish area of Campo de Gibraltar.”

King Juan Carlos visited the UK on an official state visit in 1986, while the last time Queen Elizabeth travelled to Spain on an official state visit was in October 1988.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia were supposed to visit UK last year on a State Visit, however, it was cancelled due to political turmoil in the country.

Spain’s caretaker government of the time cancelled the upcoming State Visit of King Felipe and Queen Letizia to the UK, amidst ongoing political difficulties in the country.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “Due to the process of forming a new government currently underway in Spain, the state visit has been postponed.”

Buckingham Palace confirmed that The Queen has been informed, saying: “The Queen, of course, fully understands the decision and the context in which it was taken.” It added that it was too early to confirm what the future plans for the visit would be, given Her Majesty’s pre-planned engagements in a landmark year.

At the time, it was fully expected that the State Visit would be rescheduled.

This is a breaking news story. Keep refreshing this page for the latest developments as they come in.

  • Howard T

    In view of his speech to the UN re Gibraltar, I suggest he really should keep out of politics. He would then be much more welcome in the UK. Gibraltarians do not want to be part of Spain and have been happily ‘British’ for 300 years.

    • William F Murphy

      I think that the King of Spain has enough knowledge and understanding, being so educated, to do what is best for Spain, as well as Gibraltar. Gibarltar ´s territory should be giving back to Spain, as it was its ,for centuries. Without Spanish help, they would have to eat each other, no supplies, no infraestructure, no healthcare, not even wi-fi. Such ignorant people, keep the comments to yourselves. The people of Gibraltar can be British, speaking Spanish as they do, if they want, but the soil belongs to Spain. Felipe does not have to do anything to be welcome by the Queen, after all they are family related.

      • Howard T

        You appear to be very confused in your thinking. What don’t you understand about democracy and the fact that Gibraltarians do NOT, after 300 years, want to be part of Spain?

        • William F Murphy

          what you seem NOT TO UNDERSTAND, as I stated above, is WE DO NOT WANT THEM TO BE PART OF SPAIN, we just want our territory back. THAT IS ALL. There are not democracy issues involved, just territorial issues supported by International law. Get the facts straight, I can give you a history lesson if you like. Greetings

          • Howard T

            So what you are saying is we should give the Gibraltar territory back to Spain but you don’t want the Gibraltarians who have lived there for 300 years? What kind of weird solution is that? As I said before your thinking is very confused.

          • William F Murphy

            very simple. the same formula as Andorra, which sovereignty is shared between Spain and France. Not exactly the same but, keeping the Gibraltar prime minister, but at the least symbolically, the flag of Spain should be displayed. That is justice to the history. If you know how that rock was taken, you would have understood. I don´t want the people in Gibraltar to leave or be discriminated against, as you may know, they cross the borders in both direction daily. But it is altogether an anachronism to keep a colony in Europe in the XXI century. The relationships between the two countries will improve greatly if that is done. The people in Gibraltar are mostly of Spanish origin, they speak, act and look much like all other Spaniards, when there is WILL, there is a WAY

          • Howard T

            I don’t see that happening if the ‘colonials ‘i.e. the Gibraltarians don’t want it. At the end of the war of Spanish Accession, Spain ceded Gibraltar to Britain in 1713. What reparation would Spain make to Britain today for the return of such a strategically important piece of land that the locals want to keep and Britain needs as an important naval base, offshore investments zone etc?

          • William F Murphy

            First, the castle was surrendered to the British in the War of Succession, a war the British did not have a right to get involved, since it was over the Spanish Succession to the Throne (laid out on Carlos II last will and testament), meaning only Spanish interest. The surrendering of the castle was to some claimed “to have taken possession of it in the name of the King of Spain”, that was a lie, a device schemed to take possession of a territory that was for thousand of centuries Iberia. Then the Treaty of Utrecht, gave the right of access and use of the Castle and nearby limits to the King of England under “certain circumstances” which have ALL being violated. What kind of reparation you mean? Reparation over the piracy and means of pillage from the people commissioned by king, how about to get paid for all the art and treasures taken from Spain many times over, in Coruña, Cádiz, and elsewhere, or just to get reimbursed for the use of our healthcare system. What does the Queen of England has to do with anything and her ties with Commonwealth?

          • William F Murphy

            By the way we love our kings as much, let me remind you, of much better pedigree than anyone else in the world.

          • Howard T

            Oh so now now you denigrate our Queen? Not only are you contentious, but rude and apparently of doubtful origine judging by your Irish name and the blonde female image.( I am aware of the interchange of people between Ireland and Spain in history before you start another history tale.)

          • William F Murphy

            In what part of my statement I denigrated your Queen?, I regard Queen Elizabeth II, as our Majesty Felipe VI said in his speech addressing the British Parliament, as a Magnificent Queen, exemplary and very strict with protocol, which is highly approved by me. The ceremony of welcoming the Kings of Spain was carefully planned, as it corresponds to person of dignity and rank of Felipe VI. If you were referring to Elizabeth I, I would have totally made a negative comment since she was a bad Queen, not to the standards that you knowledge of political and historical facts allow you to see, distorted by lack of facts known by lay people, in the neighborhood of cruelty, not only for sending Mary Stuart to the block, a true Tudor by blood, but because she acted in a very dishonest way towards her soldiers in 1588-1589. But after all, she was only the daughter of Ann Boleyn, that says it all. She was, as her mother a traitor and an ungrateful person, came to be Queen because Felipe II, Mary Tudor´s husband, has insisted in naming Elizabeth as successor to the throne.JUST READ WELL: Elizabeth II has my respect and admiration. I AN NOT IRISH, MY LAST NAME IS NOT MURPHY, I AM 100% SPANISH, I am blonde as many of us in Spain are. Even if we love Irish, the Irish people asked Felipe II to receive them as subject since they were catholic, I don´t have a drop of Irish blood, I just happen to be writing from my office e-mail belonging a likely Irish descendant. In more thing, I don´t talk about ¨history tales¨, have a little respect for people more educated, at least when it concerns history than you. Greetings.

          • Howard T

            Just as much as you are defensive of your country’s history, so am I and I took offence when you implied that our Queen was not as good as your King. I am pleased that you have corrected that. As to Elizabeth I, I can see that from your biased Spanish viewpoint, she would not be popular.From our viewpoint she was an heroic Queen who, from a young age, had to contend with threats to her life from many factions within the aristocracy and the church who wanted the Papist Queen Mary on the throne. She survived them, thankfully, to rule very effectively despite them and their plotting with Spain. She is greatly admired here for her courage and tenacity. In conclusion I must say i find it strange that you need to hide behind the identity of someone else, particularly one with an Irish name, when you are so proud of your Spanish heritage. Very odd. I do respect those with greater knowledge than myself on a particular subject when they display that courteously and not in a contemptuous manner.. By nature I am a courteous man, despite my advanced age, so I will bid you well. It is 19.20 here so I will say : ‘Buenas tardes’ and hope that is correct and not offensive, as i do not speak your language.

          • William F Murphy

            Well it is was an interesting debate, in regards to Elizabeth I, she plotted first against Mary, she was ungrateful to Felipe II that saved her from going to the block, she was held in the Tower of London for treason, and not only saved her but convinced Mary Tudor to named her successor. This foolishness and animosity between the two countries, allies for centuries, all started with Henry VIII, his wife, most beloved by the British people, was disrespected by him, most of the British people sided with Catherine of Aragon, she avoided a civil war break out and the intervention of her nephew, the Holy Roman Emperor Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany, she was a true Queen with values and love for the British. I am not biased against Elizabeth I, it must to have been difficult to survive on those turbulent times, but she is to be held accountable for the death of Mary Stuart who was hoping could take refuge with her cousin and was instead imprisoned. Not to mention the seamen and soldiers who the Queen led die not to pay their wages 1588-1589. That is history. Some kings of Spain have not been exemplary, and we recognize it. But you have been lied to for centuries. As for example king George II made you all believe that Admiral Vernon had a victory in Cartagena de Indias, and it was greatest defeat of the Royal Navy who employed 186 warships and 27,000 soldiers. by Blas de Lezo. Sir Herbert Richmond made the discovery after his investigations. We have to embrace history, as it is. Greetings sir, it has been a pleasure speaking with you. God save your Queen.

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