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Trailer Released for PBS Series Victoria

Victoria, a television series about Queen Victoria’s early reign, released its American trailer on the PBS YouTube channel earlier today.

Jenna Coleman of Doctor Who fame stars as the young monarch. The series traces Queen Victoria’s life from her coronation in 1837, through early scandals and relationships, her marriage to Prince Albert, and concludes with the birth of her first child, Victoria, in 1840.

Coleman said, about taking on the role of Queen Victoria, “It’s a gift. It’s an absolute gift to be able to explore and try and bring this to life.”

Tom Hughes plays Prince Albert, the Queen’s true love and prince consort, while Rufus Sewell plays the Queen’s first Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne.

The trailer ends with forceful words from the second longest-reigning monarch in British history, “A great responsibility lies before me and I assure you, I am ready.”

Victoria premiered in August 2016 on ITV and proved to be a smashing success, averaging 7.7 million viewers per episode. A second series was commissioned in October, along with a Christmas Special for the 2017 holidays. A Christmas Special was proposed for this Christmas, however ITV turned it down.

“In the next series she faces the very modern dilemma of how to juggle children with her husband and her job. As Victoria will discover, it’s hard to be a wife, a mother and ruler of the most powerful nation on earth!” Goodwin revealed.

Daisy Goodwin, Victoria’s show writer, also revealed last month that a source close to the Royal Family had told her that they were big fans of the series.

“I know someone who is a very old friend of the Queen’s and I was told that the royal family is enjoying it hugely. Whether that means the Queen is enjoying it, I don’t know. But I know that other people in her circles are enjoying it,” Goodwin told the Daily Star.

The trailer debuts just weeks after The Crown, the first season in series about Queen Elizabeth II’s long reign, was released on Netflix to critical acclaim.

Victoria premiered this past August on ITV in the United Kingdom and will premiere in the United States on 15 January 2017 as part of its Masterpiece programming.

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