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Review: William, Kate and George: The New Royals

14023793944_428fac4aa5_bWith the birth of the second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge imminent, channel True Entertainment put together a timely collaboration of back-to-back broadcasting of royal documentaries for royal baby watchers and monarchy fans alike this weekend.

William, Kate & George: A New Royals is a new documentary, which premiered on US Channel REELZ earlier this month, that gives a particular look into the lives of the Cambridge family and discusses how it is this young family are creating a new ‘era’ of the monarchy in Britain.

Using a great deal of footage from the first official tour for William, Kate and George of Australia and New Zealand last year, this documentary takes audiences on a whirlwind look at William and Kate’s relationship, the birth of their first child and future heir to the throne, and also discusses how the family have become so popular with the worldwide public through their numerous tours and engagements.

Deeming him as ‘His Royal Cuteness’, it was amusing re-watching the footage of Prince George during the tour royal Down Under, interacting with the other children on his first public playdate, throwing toys around in front of the press at a zoo and making what many would now consider as his somewhat notorious ‘grumpy’ faces in front of the crowds, which have since become very popular among the press.

William, Kate & George fittingly highlights how well the Duchess of Cambridge has taken to her role as a member of the Royal Family, reflecting on her natural and engaging approach to previous engagements at children’s centres, film premieres and on royal tours alike. At times it seemed there were too many comparisons made between Kate and Diana, Princess of Wales, instead of highlighting the specific work and interests that the Duchess has for particular charities.

It seems impossible to be able to discuss the Duchess of Cambridge without talking about her as a fashion icon, and this documentary does not disappoint those who follow the ‘Kate effect’. The documentary quite rightly picks up on Kate’s interest in British brands and, of course, her choice of Alexander McQueen for her iconic wedding dress in 2011. Commentators also discussed how Kate has been considered as the ‘Duchess of the high street’ after wearing numerous high street shop brands to public engagements.

Whilst a great deal of the documentary focuses on Kate, it does reflect on how ‘brand Cambridge’ has helped to increase the popularity of the Royal Family, not just in Britain, but in the Commonwealth and in other countries as well. Richard Kay points to the fact that the Duke and Duchess have become great ambassadors for British interests, demonstrating their ability to successfully represent Britain whilst at home and abroad.

At times the documentary veered off of topic, discussing the breakdown of Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage too often, and it seemed unnecessary to give a segment of the programme to Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s antics in relation to the Royal Family.

Yet the documentary certainly made a good points on how this young family’s natural approach to meeting members of the public and the press, and their genuine interest in charitable organisations, has made them incredibly popular worldwide. One can only expect that with the birth of their second child, this family will continue to make ways in establishing a new and more relevant Royal Family for the next generation.

Photo credit: theglobalpanorama via photopin cc

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