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Queen Margrethe on trip to Ghana

Queen Margrethe of Denmark marks her first state visit to Ghana in the history of her reign this week complete with a reception by Ghanaian President HE Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as his guest and a visit to Danish branch in Accre.

As the Queen’s fifty-third outgoing state visit, HM Queen Margrethe’s trip is intended for the purpose of strengthening relations and cooperation among many industrial sectors of Ghana including sustainability, agriculture, and maritime affairs. HM Queen Margrethe has also planned to attend the Arts and Design Center, the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Support Center, and a special pearl manufacturing facility.

In remarks to attendees and representatives of respective companies at an Accre business conference in connection with the state visit, Queen Margrethe stated: “Denmark opened an Embassy in Ghana in 1961. Since Ghana was selected as a priority country for Danish Development Cooperation in 1989, our countries have worked together to reach ambitious goals in areas such as health, water and sanitation, transport, environment, judiciary service, and the private sector…”

The Queen indicated her hopes for continued cooperation between the two countries, noting her pleasure in Ghanaian businesses making continued efforts in connecting with Danish businesses for the benefit of all.

“Ghana is calling for commercial cooperation, and Danish companies are responding….It is my sincere hope that Danish and Ghanaian companies and authorities will use the opportunity of the State Visit and the Business Conference to engage in productive dialogue on how we can extend our commercial partnership and best utilize our common resources to ensure the prosperity of our two nations.”

In a separate speech before the heads of Ghanaian state including the president, Queen Margrethe expressed delight in her presence in Ghana in 2017 due to its historical significance as marking sixty years since the country claimed her independence. This would make Ghana the first Sub-Saharan country to complete such a feat.

Queen Margrethe remarked: “Over the years of cooperation, it has been encouraging to witness the progress that your nation has achieved. Ghana has recently graduated to the group of lower-middle-income countries, and the growing middle class is an indicator of the sustained social and economic progress that Ghana is experiencing. Denmark is proud to have stood with you during this journey and of having contributed to the foundation on which you stand today.”

In speaking to the President per Her Majesty’s speech: “It is my profound wish and expectation that this state visit will further strengthen the friendship between our two nations as well as our commercial, political and cultural ties. I wish Ghana and the Ghanaian people happiness and prosperity.”

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