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Princess Mabel gets political on Twitter regarding Trump

It is quite rare for members of European royal families to get involved in politics, especially the politics of countries apart from their own. However, Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau was among those to take to Twitter to express her opinions following the inauguration of President Trump on Friday.

On 7 January, a few weeks before the inauguration, the Dutch Princess retweeted two tweets that praised the then-President Obama for his leadership over the last eight years, commending him for the fact that he had managed to avoid a scandal during his terms and would “leave office with 75 straight months of employment growth”.

Another retweet condemned Trump for attacking allies in transatlantic relations and urged Europe to prove the new President wrong.

Princess Mabel also tweeted an article by Tom Friedman from the New York Times, titled “Retweeting Donald Trump”. The Princess posted a link to the piece, along with the message: “I am not a big fan of ‘what if’ speculation. But this @tomfriedman piece on ‘what if’ Trump’s tweets were different is worth reading.”

The article in question criticised Trump’s behaviour on Twitter, suggesting an alternative to his “venomous tweets” from the last few months, and can be read here.

Princess Mabel, who is the widow of King Willem-Alexander’s brother Prince Friso, has been actively involved in political and human rights movements for the last two decades. In addition to being the founder of the European Council on Foreign Relations, and the European Action Council for Peace in the Balkans, she was also the first director of The Elders, an organisation created by Nelson Mandela to promote peace, justice, and human rights for all.

The Princess also supports many organisations which are working to ensure equal rights and prevent the exploitation of women, particularly young girls, including Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriages, and the ONE Campaign which seeks to provide education for girls in poorer nations. Therefore, it comes as no surprise Princess Mabel, whose feminist beliefs clash with many of Trump’s ideologies, including his views on sexual assault and abortions, appears to be unsatisfied with the new American President.

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