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Prince Reza Pahlavi says Iran needs regime change

Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran calls for a peaceful change of regime within Iran.

Perhaps one of the greatest ironies about the Iranian Revolution, and the subsequent revolutionary government that followed, was that it was highly conservative and remains highly conservative. What was revolutionary was simply the break with Iran’s millennia-long monarchical traditions, and the establishment of a more theocratic regime in its place, however, otherwise Iran has been actively resisting further change rather than engendering it.

In a recent interview with Radio Farda, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi accused the Iranian government of being resistant to change and called for a complete overhaul of the national order.

“Iran needs an overall change,” he said, “All Iranians want change, and it is time for change. The Green Movement in 2009 was a clear refection that the people of Iran were, and still are, quite unhappy with the Islamic regime and its constitution.”

The Green Movement ultimately failed, although exactly why is of some debate amongst Iranian intellectuals and observers. Some blamed a lack of intervention from the Obama administration (“Millions of people were shouting in the streets of Tehran, addressing the U.S. president, ‘Obama, are you with us or with the regime?’ ” reported the Crown Prince), while Prince Reza himself believed that the Green Movement was betrayed by its leading figure, former Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, praised and promoted Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s tenure as a golden age during his presidency campaign.

The topic of the latest presidency elections in Iran were also of concern to the Prince, who regarded the process as nothing more than a show for the people. To him, the recent election is not even worthy of the name and gives it more legitimacy than perhaps it deserves.

“How can one call an election free, democratic, and healthy when the candidates are arbitrarily filtered by the Guardian Council?” he asked. “…Choosing between two candidates, one bad and the other worse, is not a real election.”

Before Iran can enjoy free elections — as well as free speech, a free press, free political parties –, it will need a constitutional reform. However, according to Prince Reza, even attempts at that are half-hearted at best and vapid at worst. Even those who claim to be in favour of reforms have tended to hesitate and withdraw under the shadow of the powerful Supreme Leader. It seems that simply reforming the current system just will not cut it.

“The only system capable of guaranteeing people their rights is a democratic and secular system. In the framework of a secular and democratic regime, the rights of all people, including different ethnicities and minorities, will be respected,” insisted Prince Reza.

What Iran needs is a complete change of regime. However, stresses the Prince, such a regime change should be peaceful.

“Iran can reach its democratic goals through civil disobedience, nonviolent and peaceful actions. We should only wait for the right moment.”

As for himself, Prince Reza is ready to lead the charge himself if the Iranian people ask for it. Many people have already approached him to ask what he can do to help them in their struggle for freedom, and he himself knows of many within the government and the armed forces who are unhappy with the current regime, yet unwilling to take part in civil strife against fellow Iranians. It remains to be seen whether Iran will be able to muster the will and momentum to engender such a change, especially given the strong resistance within the Islamic Republic to any threats to its power.

However, it seems the Prince is hopeful, and that the resentment towards the current theocratic-republic grows with each year.

  • smaman aryanpor

    you can’t talk about Iran when you and your family did it’s best to kill people
    let’s people choose their freedom
    don’t talk about Iran anymore
    you are not Iran’s owner
    they have their real opposition

  • lovelypersia

    everybody in Iran knows that Pahlavi’s time was the best period in Iran history. Reza Pahlavi is the only one who can rebuild Iran. love you prince and thanks to royalcentral for sharing this.

  • SS

    whatever pahlavi says,the shah failed because he was oppressing the people,and europeans were laughing at the so called “white revolution”, which did not fit with iranian peoples perception of themselves.

    • FishSticks4Kimye

      You’ve been fed big time propaganda. Iranians were receptive of the White Revolution and the Pahlavi dynasty was a people’s dynasty.

      Iranian nationalism is what Iranians need in order to feel any kind of “respect” and the Pahlavis (especially Reza Shah) were nationalistic rulers. They did not come from the inbred traitorous Qajars nor the brittish backed Indian and Arabic diaper heads that are polluting Iran today. The Pahlavis were 100% Iranian with modest pedigree but probably more “royal” and aristocratic than any other ruler since Cyrus the Great or Shah Abbas.

      The Iranian people never “wanted” nor embraced Khomeini. That’s something Western media was plotting in order to overthrow the Shah because he refused to give free oil to the brits and their spineless lackeys (US, France etc)…

      The Iranian Revolution was a foreign secret service coup and it was hijacked by their man Khomeini.

      Khomeini and the mullahs were put in power in order to push back the leftists, the socialists and the Communists by the orders of the CIA. the years that followed this so called ‘revolution’ were particularly atrocious for the thousands of political dissidents that were tortured and executed in the prisons by the likes of Khalkhali (the psycho murdering mullah, Khomeini’s best pal), Nayeri (serial killer that sits in the Majlis today), Lajevardi (Evin prison’s notorious butcher) etc etc… The list is long! But nobody in the West cared about it simply because the West was in reality cheering for that bearded opportunistic sadist called Khomeini .. Whom btw barely spoke Persian, he had a weird Pakistani accent which explains why he never felt anything for Iran and Iranians, obviously… When that bearded monster (Khomeini) was sitting comfortably in that Air France plane and was about to land in Iran for the first time after 16 years of exile, one reporter asked him “how do you feel coming back in Iran after so many years?” – that monster replied “Nothing. I feel NOTHING”. That interview just proves the level of indifference mullahs and ayatollahs have for the people of Iran… Hence why Iran is in the shithole it is today and why millions of Iranians want to get out of that country today, by any means possible.

  • Amir

    islamic revolution was a big trick and a big mistake. before revolution women were free. gays, christians, jews. all were free because the country was secular.

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