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Preview: Reinventing The Royals – Episode Two

Reinventing The RoyalsWhilst last week’s episode focused on how Prince Charles and how his new media adviser, Mark Bolland, aimed to build upon The Prince’s image after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, this episode takes a look at how growing up in the spotlight of the media could have had an affect on Charles’ sons, William and Harry.

This episode, named Succession, focuses on how Prince William and Harry’s attitudes and opinions towards the media have changed over the years. Succession particularly looks influential events, such as the infamous phone-hacking scandal which both William and Harry were victims of, and the Leveson Inquiry.

Episode two also explores how the relations between the BBC and the Royal Family have developed over the decades. One event in particular is examined in this documentary – the supposed ‘Queensgate’ debacle where a trailer for a documentary on the Royals was cut in such a way so that it was interpreted to show The Queen marching out of photo session with Annie Leibowitz, an American photographer. An investigation into the misrepresentation of The Queen in the footage later led to the resignation of BBC One controller Peter Fincham.

Succession goes on to examine how after the ‘Queensgate’ event, a documentary on the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, was then put on hold to be broadcast by the BBC, and has remained unseen ever since.

As the title of this episode suggests, episode two highlights how, in recent years, it is not so much Prince Charles’ personal life that is under the light of the media anymore. Instead, it is his personal views and opinions that have come under comment from the press. Presenter Steve Hewlett discusses the ways in which Charles’ comments and views on current issues could be seen to influence his kingship and public image in years to come.

Reinventing The Royals will be broadcast on Thursday 26th February at 9pm on BBC Two. This episode will be available to watch online soon after the initial broadcast.

Succession is presented by Steve Hewlett and produced by Christopher Walker. Steve Hewlett and Rachel Crellin are the executive producers.

Photo credit: Ruairi Dunne/Genie Pictures

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