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Preview of episode two of ‘The White Queen’

The White QueenSome people would not look forward to Sunday evenings. It usually means the end of the weekend and the nine-to-five, back-to-work feeling materialises for many. However, with the new historical BBC drama ‘The White Queen’ beginning last Sunday I’m sure many people are looking forward to filling the Downton Abbey-Call The Midwife shaped gap that has developed of late.

So what can we expect in the second episode of the ten part series? We will certainly witness a particularly lavish coronation for Elizabeth as the new Queen consort of England. This is used as a symbol to the contentious members of the nobility, the Warwicks especially, who doubted the legitimacy of Edward and Elizabeth’s marriage. Anticipate plenty of gold cloth, ermine, diamond encrusted crowns and an abundance of white Yorkist roses thrown in there for good measure.

The Earl of Warwick’s dispute against the marriage is central to the episode; Edward has gone against all of the Earl’s plans for a marriage alliance with France, and now with the Woodville family on the scene, all of the numerous brothers and sisters of the new Queen must be married into the highest noble families across the country to strengthen Elizabeth’s position as Queen. This has consequently upset Warwick’s tactics for his daughters greatly; all of the noble marriage prospects seem to be slipping away from them. With this, Warwick’s growing determination to scheme against the new family in power develops to severe heights.

This episode will also introduce Margaret Beaufort as another leading lady of the series and a strategic influence behind the Cousins War. As a result of a Yorkist seizing the throne, all Lancastrian nobles lost their titles and land, meaning Margaret’s son will effectively lose his title and income (her son being that somewhat familiar name of Henry Tudor). Margaret, played by the brilliant Amanda Hale, certainly will not sit back when her son still has a claim to the throne.

The White QueenThe second episode will present the different involvements of Edward’s brothers (George, Duke of Clarence and Richard, Duke of Gloucester) in this dynastic struggle. With the increasing factions at court, prepare for witnessing the dramatic extent that Warwick will go to taking revenge on the Yorkists, producing heart breaking consequences for Elizabeth whilst Edward’s position as king comes under threat once again.

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