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Preview of episode six of ‘The White Queen’

elizabethandedwardThis episode will test Elizabeth’s emotions to the edge. Although Edward may be confident to have his two brothers by his side once again, Elizabeth is made increasingly uncomfortable by George’s position at court. Elizabeth is pregnant again, but this news is overlooked to a certain extent due to the feeling of apprehension surrounding her private life.

Elizabeth finds out the heart breaking news that Edward has taken a mistress whilst also learning that her son, Prince Edward, is to be sent away to prepare him for becoming formally titled as the Prince of Wales. Edward and Elizabeth’s marriage becomes tested. With this, Jacquetta’s health is in decline, meaning Elizabeth could soon lose not just her mother, but her closest ally and friend.

Meanwhile, Anne is made George’s ward after being pardoned by Edward. Anne fears her inherited fortune will be stolen by essentially being under house arrest. Suspicions arise surrounding Isabel’s loyalties; she decides to side with her husband, leaving Anne even more isolated.

isabelWhen George threatens that Anne will be sent away, Richard sees the betrayal and loneliness Anne feels, and promises her his support and his love. They elope, and even with George’s fury over his brother’s quick marriage, Isabel and Anne are reunited.

On the other hand, Margaret Beaufort looks to see what new alliances she can make at court so to increase her son’s safety and return from exile. Margaret tactically finds a possible hope in a Yorkist noble, Lord Stanley.

The episode ends with Edward and Elizabeth being brought back together through difficult and saddening circumstances. They now must face a new force at court, together.

Episode six will be broadcasted on Sunday 21st July at 9pm on BBC One.

Photo Credit: BBC/Company Pictures & ALL3MEDIA/Johan Voets

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