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Preview of episode seven of ‘The White Queen’

The White QueenWe are now two thirds into the series of ‘The White Queen’, and from the series so far we can certainly determine that Elizabeth is pretty fertile and successful at producing heirs. This episode will begin with another troubled birth, however it seems Margaret Beaufort is the unlikely saviour of the child’s life.

Anne on the other hand is seen to be living quite comfortably with her new husband and delivers a baby boy. This happiness is stalled when Richard invites Anne’s calculating mother into their marital home. Anne’s mother begins to question the marriage of her youngest daughter, which makes Anne worry about Richard’s true feelings towards her.

George’s desire for more wealth and power drives him to persuade Edward to go to war against France as there is an opportunity for George to play Regent of the French. However, against George and Richard’s wishes, Edward secures peace with King Louis instead. This peace treaty does not hinder George’s plans to make secret deals with Louis behind his brothers’ backs.

The White QueenThe York brothers return back to England as rivals. At court, George and Isabel become paranoid over Elizabeth’s apparent sorcery. The threat of witchcraft threatens Elizabeth’s position, whilst Anne once again experiences the loss of a loved one. Events start to become overwhelming and uncontrollable for George, which leads to Edward having to take drastic consequences.

Episode seven will be broadcasted on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

Photo credits: BBC/Company Pictures & ALL3MEDIA/Ed Miller/Giles Keyte

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