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Preview of episode nine of ‘The White Queen’

The White QueenPrince Edward, and the servant boy pretending to be his brother Richard, are the subject to everyone’s whispers and schemes at court. The two young boys have sadly become the main problem standing in the way of peoples’ plans. Their fate is dwindling.

Just as medieval kings did after wars or succeeding to the throne, Richard rewards his most ‘loyal’ followers: Brackenbury, Stanley and Buckingham. However, these loyalties may backfire sooner than Richard may have thought.

Pressure continues to mount for the women involved in these wars. The new power couple, Margaret and Stanley, use their connections to their best abilities to raise support for Henry Tudor. Margaret has already revelled in the death of Edward IV, but now she must look to ridding the two poor boys trapped in the Tower, and their uncle, to make way for her son. A rebellion is the only way possible. Elizabeth and her eldest daughter, Lizzie, begin to fear the worst about the princes.

Anne may have been confident in her husband taking the throne at first, but she becomes overwhelmed with her position as queen consort, worrying that her words may have sent the princes to their deaths. It is with this that the rumours that have blackened Richard III’s reign even to the present day begin to circulate around court.

Episode nine will be broadcasted at 9pm on Sunday 11th August on BBC One.

Photo credits: BBC/Company Pictures/ALL3Media/Giles Keyte

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