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Preview of episode five of ‘The White Queen’

Once again Warwick is up to his old tricks, using his daughters in his plans. Warwick is unsure of George’s loyalty to the restored king, Henry VI, so he orders Isabel to spy on her husband. Anne, on the other hand, is being forced against her loyalties to make alliances with her enemies and follow the fight for Lancaster under the leadership of Margaret of Anjou.

The White Queen

Meanwhile, Edward finds the time to secretly visit his wife and their new born, the heir to the throne who would become Edward V. This moment of joy is tarnished by the news that Warwick’s army is travelling towards north London, ready to take on Edward’s Yorkist troops. George may be at Edward’s side, but this does not determine his true allegiance.

The news of the baby’s birth rattles through the Lancastrian supports. Margaret Beaufort is enraged by this, knowing that this baby will stand in the way of her son’s right to the throne. Henry and Jasper Tudor make their way to Wales, determined to prepare for battle. Margaret’s pride of her son and Jasper is soon shattered by news of her husband’s new alliance.

On the eve of battle, Elizabeth and Jacquetta use magic in the hope that thick mist will hide Edward’s army to surprise Warwick’s men. It is certainly a bloody battle which scars even those who aren’t involved in combat.

Anne, alongside her new husband and Margaret of Anjou, arrives in England. She is presented with some devastating news. She is all alone, with the only option being to follow her mother-in-law to Wales to meet Jasper Tudor and the Lancastrian supporters.

Episode five will be broadcasted on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday.

Photo Credit: BBC/Company Pictures & ALL3MEDIA/Ed Miller

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