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Preview of episode four of ‘The White Queen’

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIn the last episode we were left with Warwick and George facing near death on their ship close to the port of Calais, whilst Isabel mourned her stillborn son. Warwick arrives in France, resulting in rumours circulating that he is making alliances with the Lancastrians through Margaret of Anjou, whilst George has a realisation that he may never be king. In this episode we will finally see how Warwick plans to use his second daughter, Anne, for his schemes against Edward and Elizabeth. It seems another marriage alliance will be put into action, this time with Anne and Edward, Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou’s son. This would mean that Warwick could rule through Anne and Edward once Henry dies. Isabel seems to be discarded in all of these plans; she is all alone and wanting the company and support from her sister who has been passed over to the family who they used to call the enemy. Both of the girls have lost the trust of their parents; something which they will learn from and possibly use to their advantage in the future.

George sees an opportunity to make alliances with his brothers again through his mother’s connections, after Lady Cecily’s realisation that her favourite son could be punished with treason. Edward is delighted with this, still believing in the symbolism of the three suns at the battle of Mortimer, supposedly signifying the Holy Trinity and the three brothers of York.

Once again war is inevitable between Warwick and Edward. Heavily pregnant Elizabeth must take shelter in the Tower with her daughters, although it is not long before Warwick advances on their quarters. Elizabeth flees into sanctuary at Westminster Abbey after learning her mother has been put on trial for witchcraft under Warwick’s orders. Edward is forced to escape to Flanders with the support of his brother, Richard, and his brother-in-law, Anthony. But which side will George ally with?

In this episode we will see the side-story of Margaret Beaufort and Henry Tudor develop even more. Henry, now an adolescent, finds his life on the line with the threat of Warwick’s army. Henry must use his strongest asset to save himself; his name.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s prayers are answered; a son is born who bears the name of his father, Edward.

This episode will be broadcasted on Sunday 7th July at 9pm.

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