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Five-year-old tells Prince Harry to ‘wipe his feet’ before entering their house

Despite the overwhelming swarm of media coverage and elatedness regarding the most recent news from the Royal Family regarding its impending newest member, Prince Harry has not skipped a beat and continues to shine light into the lives of former service members in the United Kingdom.

In 2015, Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Prince Harry visited the Manchester community in order to show support for the DIY SOS team in their efforts to build proper living facilities for those who have served their country. The facilities also house therapy, counselling, training, and employment opportunities. Prince Harry returned on Monday to view the progress that has been made since.

Among the veterans who now call the community home is Simon Flores and his three children. Flores served his country for thirteen years in the Army before the catastrophic loss of his foot in Iraq took place only ten days before Christmas several years previously. They have called the Newton Heath, Manchester community home for a year thanks to Help for Heroes after a brief move to Oldham proved unsuitable for the family in size.


As Prince Harry paid a visit to the family’s residence in the Veteran’s Village, he met Simon’s five-year-old daughter Lilly Anne who made sure to instruct Prince Harry in wiping his feet thoroughly before he entered the home. Despite the child’s endearingly firm adherence to a clean home and the family’s high nervous anticipation of the royal visit, the entire Flores family was elated to meet Prince Harry.

“It was an honour to meet him, not just because he’s royalty, but because he’s been there, experienced it and seen it. So he knows where we are coming from and can relate,” said Simon Flores.

Before the visit concluded, Prince Harry encouraged Flores to begin training for the Invictus Games once again despite the veteran’s decision to withdraw from competition after a shoulder injury sidelined the dedicated serviceman and father.

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