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Duke and Duchess of Sussex were major theme in this week’s Whiskey Cavalier

If you are a follower of the Royal Family and a fan of tv show Whiskey Cavalier, you were in luck this week.

Episode five “The English Job” in the show’s inaugural season sees the stars (who are part of the USA’s CIA and FBI) have to work with MI6 to rescue the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from a would-be assassin.

While I could not find an available preview of this episode, the preview for the first season can be seen below:

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read any further if you do not want the latest episode of Whiskey Cavalier spoiled!

Once FBI agent Will Chase (aka Whiskey Cavalier) and his CIA partner, Frankie Trowbridge get to London, they team up with a member of MI6, Emma Davies to investigate some robberies and later because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s lives are in danger.

Now we hear of the Duke and Duchess more than we see “them”. The actors playing the Duke (dressed in a grey suit) and Duchess (in a white dress similar to the one she wore at the beginning of the Australia tour in 2018) are being held at gunpoint at a country estate – where they have been invited for a luncheon – when Trowbridge and Chase rush in the room to their aid with the help of Davies.

Screenshot ABC/Fair Use

They are told, “This way Your Royal Highnesses!” Then, we see Harry and Meghan running and escaping the room. And thus, disaster is averted with “we saved the monarchy” being said as the show entered its final minutes.

The episode can be watched on Hulu or on ABC’s website.

Whiskey Cavalier stars some familiar faces. People will recognise the actor playing Will Chase as Scott Foley who starred on Scandal for several seasons. Lauren Cohen, who plays Frankie Trowbridge, is easily recognisable as she was Maggie in the Walking Dead until episode seven of the current season.

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