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David Icke attracts ridicule after saying the Royal Family are shape-shifting lizards live on TV

Writer and conspiracy theorist, David Icke, raised eyebrows this week, after saying that the Royal Family are shape-shifting lizards live on national television.

Speaking on the BBC political show, This Week, Mr Icke came head to head with presenter, Andrew Neil, over his rather bizarre beliefs.

When Mr Neil asked whether he thought the Royal Family were shape-shifting lizards, the Mr Icke said: “Yes I do.”

Mr Neil responded: “If you also think that Buckingham Palace is inhabited by lizards, it kind of undermines you.”

Icke denied this though, saying: “If you deliver it in one line, the world’s run by reptiles, you go ‘that’s crazy’ – immediate reflex action,” he said.

“But when you see the back story and the evidence to support this, ancient modern, you see that throwaway line in a completely different context.”

Mr Icke is a believer of a conspiracy theory that 13 historical families, including the royals, were shape-shifters who run the world’s finances, politics, and religion.

Before he became known for his beliefs, David Icke was a household name as a presenter of the BBC’s flagship sports show Grandstand. He later caused public hysteria in 1991 when he said he was the “Son of the Godhead”.

Whilst he was on the show, Mr Icke was also asked whether he believed 9/11 was an inside job.

He replied: “Of course it was. There is a network that works through government agencies, through organisations like the CIA, to push an agenda on the world which is unfolding by the day.”

He also said that British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is “misleading the public” about Brexit and that former PM, Tony Blair, “lied” about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, adding: “Those very same people gave us the official story of 9/11.”

Icke sells out venues across the United Kingdom with talks covering everything from Western foreign policy to is conspiracies over 9/11.


  • Norman Duncan

    How dare he make such a public statement. The Royal Family is the Queen and her consort with the rest of the Royals the extended family. As family grows so does their visibility causing public interested and responsibility. Their continuity is celebrated by all who visit Britain. The pot calling the kettle black.

    • You’re under the Luciferian spell.

      • Norman Duncan

        I am Norman Duncan and as a free agent with a point of view I shall express my ideas and wisdom in my responses. Thank you.

    • Heh, Ickey’s said a lot of brash things over the years, both in spoken words and in print, and he hasn’t been sued for it. I’m sure the royal family has an army of lawyers, as do people like the Bush family. Nobody’s come after Ickey for anything he’s said, and he’s made some pretty bold statements about people in power. Hell, he named Jimmy Saville as a pedophile and procurer of children… oh wait, that turned out to be proven true, didn’t it?

      • Helen Graham

        David Icke is ridiculed just like many over the years who have professed the truth. Unfortunately its the way the world is. The truth revealers are never accepted. they are call conspiracists so the truth is hidden

  • Tim Bartrop

    When you think about it this is the guy who thought he was the son of God. Say no more.

    • You are under the Luciferian spell. Seek and ye’ shall find the truth.

    • Actually, he never said that. Terry Wogan said it to get laughs and to ridicule the guy. Icke went back on the Wogan Show many years later and Wogan apologized for it. In fact Wogan stated he agreed with much of what Icke had to say. That’s the part of the story no one ever tells.

  • Earthman

    “The bigger the lie,the more it will be believe ” Joseph Goebbels

  • Elizabeth Connell

    What the hell is this guy on? Lizard people, what a laugh

    • You too are under the Luciferian spell. It’s all very real……AND YOU KNOW IT! Go back to supporting that bull-dyke demon “Hillary” like the rest of women who are only voting for her because she’s a women, with no knowledge whatsoever about her multitude of criminal acts, war crimes and acts of cruelty and crimes against humanity. These globalists have everyone figured out. They know how a mind-controlled society will vote. Even though it’s a rigged voting process and they’re all on the same team, with the same Luciferian bosses, they still have to create interest in these evil candidates. Donald Trump is anointed by Christ and will destroy the Luciferians and Reptilians of this sick flat earth. Anyone who denies these truths is under the Luciferian mind-control spell and needs a really good slap in the head, especially supporters of homosexuality (Luciferian mind-control) and abortion (Luciferian mind-control). These reptilians are so demonic, people are going to freak out once they expose themselves to the world, and that’s about to happen real soon. The best protection against these smelly evil reptilians is to find and TRUST IN JESUS CHRIST, the Lord and Savior of mankind’s souls, for all who want redemption.

      • Elizabeth Connell

        What the actual fuck? PISS OFF YOU FREAK! 1.) I don’t even like Hilary and am not voting for her, Second why would you want a racist, good for nothing tyrant as president?. You do know if Hilary wins

        Thirdly God isn’t real and neither is satan, they’re just fucking tall tales. So good bye, tata religious nut

    • It’s easy to arbitrarily dismiss information without examining it.Have you ever seen one of Mr. Icke’s lectures or read one of his books? I’m not saying I believe or disbelieve him. I leave it open because anyone can be wrong about anything, but what I don’t do is just dismiss something out of reflex action because the obviously state run media says I should. Learn to think for yourself. Do your own research.

      • Elizabeth Connell

        I am doing my own research, I am thinking for myself, I find this man very silly, I mean really, the royals aren’t Lizard people. HOWEVER I do think the royals had something to do with diana’s death and were covering it up with the car crash. I mean the whole tragedy was suspicious.

    • Tim Bartrop

      Exactly Elizabeth must have been good stuff what he smoked lol. There us very little that is plausable what he says in other stuff and a lot which is rubbish with a capital B

    • jonjo

      tenants super strength lager no wonder he sees lizards and has a bad temper
      ask him about the peoples voice and the missing 500,000 pounds if you dont believe me

  • riversideCA

    Hes right, its true.

  • riversideCA

    Putin says the same thing. Hillary must be one to

  • David Icke and Alex Jones are either really good people or hired by the globalists to purposely reveal the things people are going to find out anyhow. I believe it was Hitler who was the first one to use this tactic. It’s called “Controlled Opposition”. There are plenty of videos and articles on this subject. However, as much as I don’t want to believe that about them I’ve reached a personal conclusion that these people are too passionate about destroying all Zionist, Luciferian, Illuminati, Reptilian and other evil globalists to be “controlled opposition”. David Icke is therefore, in this case, and many other things he speaks of, completely RIGHT! Until you’ve gone down the rabbit hole and actually discover all the lies and fake history ordinary people of the world have been indoctrinated into their 666 beast system with, they will continue believing a multitude of lies about our TRUE HISTORY, much of which has been destroyed and is still being destroyed by hired ding-bats who don’t realize the magnitude of their damage and how much evil they are going to cause as a result of their actions. David Icke is right! David Icke is right about “everything” he has ever discussed. Unfortunately, people are either too busy (orchestrated by the globalists), or are in complete denial about these critical issues that are going to keep the world enslaved from global cataclysm to global cataclysm, repeating the process over and over until ordinary people figure out a way to out-power or out-smart these very cunning and evil people and reptilians. They will mock and laugh at anyone who reveals the truth because the truth sounds so absurd to the brainwashed and mind-controlled world population.

    • No one’s ever COMPLETELY right. I’m sure Ickey’s got a few things wrong over the years, in fact, I know he has, but he’s very sincere and passionate about his work. What strikes me about him is how he’s willing to talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time, for free. He’ll show up on no-name YouTube channels talking to interviewers you’ve never heard of. It’s what someone who believes they’re telling the truth would do.

  • URNTJ007

    Uh oh! God complex!!! ” (David Icke) He later caused public hysteria in 1991 when he said he was the “Son of the Godhead”.”

  • John

    He’s a Freak with a subnormal brain !!!!! Anyone with those opinion couldn’t be anything less .

  • Helen Graham

    I agree with David Icke totally. And I wish more people would open their eyes and see what is actually happening around them. Each day something is official revealed which many people knew about years previous. It is easier to bury your head in the sand or to wear blinkers. But trust me, once you start looking beyond the blinkers. or get the sand out of your eyes the real world is such a different place. There are still people who don’t think Princess Diana was killed by the establishment. Can you seriously believe it? There are still people who say the Jimmy Savilles etc where just events of ‘that time’! that is utterly disgusting for anyone to think like this. Why are people like this? Because it is easier for them to believe what they are told, rather than to see the amount of horridness on this planet caused by gross selfishness. If David Icke has been right about this, maybe people should start taking him more seriously. Remember the story of Cassandra?

  • paminap

    he did not attract ridicule this time around.

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