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Daily Mail in the clear after alleging ‘secret relationship’ between Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton

The Daily Mail has been given the all-clear by the UK press regulator, the Independent Press Standards Organisation, after they published articles alleging that Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton were in a “secret relationship”.

Prince Harry complained to IPSO regarding the accuracy of the article, intrusion into his privacy, and failure to provide an opportunity to reply to the story.

The ruling comes after the UK press regulator ruled the same article misleading, however, this was published in The Daily Star and originated in US magazines.

The reason for this is that the Daily Star reported the claims in a misleading manner, whereas the Daily Mail reported the story skeptically and asked for a comment from representatives of the royal family; something the Star did not.

The Daily Mail alleges that “the Duchess of Cambridge found her sister and brother-in-law ‘snogging in a bathroom’ at the royal wedding.” The complaint was also in relation to a claim published on the Mail’s website which said Pippa Middleton “spent the night several times” and Prince William had “found the pair in a compromising position.”

In relation to accuracy, IPSO said that the Daily Mail “had taken care to ensure that the claims were reported with due scepticism” and “on balance cast doubt over the claims”.

The ruling against the Daily Star was adversely different, with the story being labeled as ‘misleading’.

The news of this ruling comes just a few days after IPSO concluded that an article published by The Sun newspaper, claiming The Queen supporter Britain leaving the European Union, was significantly misleading.

Buckingham Palace made a complaint to the press regulator IPSO over The Sun‘s report which claimed an unnamed source said there were at least two times in the past ten years in which Queen Elizabeth spoke her mind about her opposition to a British membership of the European Union.

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