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Canadians Would Break Ties with Monarchy After Current Queen, Poll Suggests

A recent poll, conducted by Ipsos on the behalf of Global News, suggests that the majority of Canadians would favour severing ties with their monarchy upon the death of the current Queen of Canada, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The poll showed that 53% of respondents believe that upon the ascension of Charles, the Prince of Wales, to the throne the Canadian monarchy should be abolished. The figures shows a 10% increase since the visit of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their children earlier last year.

Sean Simpson, Vice President of Ipsos Public Affairs, believes that the results are only to be expected given the circumstances. For the past few years, attention has been rather fixed on the Canadian monarchy through a succession of major royal events, such as the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011, the Diamond Jubilee in 2012, the birth of Prince George in 2013 and Princess Charlotte in 2015, and the Queen’s 90th birthday this year. These events, according to Simpson, “inflated” support for the monarchy, and now we’re seeing what is essentially the default state of mood amongst Canadians whenever there isn’t any excitement being generated by Canadian royalty.

To use a certain phrase, absence makes the heart go yonder.

Of those who voted for the end of the Canadian Crown, the polls were split between 23% of those who strongly supported the motion and 29% who were only “somewhat” supportive. The strongest voices for a republic could be found in — where else? — Quebec, where 71% of respondents favoured a republic over the current constitution. Ontario was the least supportive, where 56% of respondents continued to maintain support for the Canadian Crown. Elsewhere, there was a consistent balance around the 45%-51% range, with Atlantic provinces generally being more supportive than western provinces. This is despite high support for The Queen herself, where no less than 81% of respondents believe that the Queen of Canada has done a good job, a slight 3% decrease from her birthday. Millennials and men tend to be more republican, whereas women and Canadians over 50 are more likely to be monarchists.

The poll also reveals some inconsistency and indecision amongst Canadians with regards to their thoughts on the Canadian monarchy and its role in Canadian society. Around 60% agree that the Canadian monarchy should not have a formal role within Canadian society, and that the Royal Family were celebrities and nothing more. However a similar number (61%) shows that the Canadian Monarchy helps define the Canadian identity, and should continue to be the Canadian form of government.

Another interesting revelation from the poll was the effect of the Netflix Original Series The Crown, a serial drama detailing the ascension and coronation of The Queen after the death of her father, King George VI. Around 13% of respondents had seen some or all ten episodes of the series, and these respondents tend to be more favourable to the monarchy than those who had never seen the series. Compared to their 80% rating, 88% of respondents who’d seen The Crown believed The Queen to have done a good job. 75% compared to 59% believe the Monarchy to define the Canadian identity, and 75% compared to 66% believe the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge help keep the monarchy relevant to modern Canadians.

It is not known if the results show that those who like the monarchy already are more likely to watch The Crown, or that the series itself helps to improve the image of the monarchy. Indeed, it may even be a mixture of both.

What can help lend credence is that viewing the series does not apparently influence how respondents vote in other areas. There’s about the same percentage to the norm of those who think the Canadian Royal Family are merely celebrities, and those who think Queen Elizabeth II should be the last Canadian monarch.

  • Kat Elliott

    ridiculous , no one has voted for this at all, get real, we do not want a republic like the States, this is one sided reporting

    • Marcelo Portugal

      I agree. Monarchy is better.

    • Mike

      Who’s “we”?

    • Shades shady

      The bad ….
      We pay the Monarchy for their office space and homes for the GG and the 10 LG’s. Add in security costs, accommodations and motorcades during royal visits, its tens of millions wasted a year and Canadians foot the bill.

      The GG is Canada’s commander in chief and has the power and authority to dissolve Canadian Parliament. And to top it off the GG is picked by the queen and only has to answer to the queen, all while Canada pays the GG’s salary.

      Crown land means QE2 owns any non private owned Canadian land. Look how she renewed a native treaty over Canadian land and people during Harpers term all by herself ,if you don’t think so. When Canada complained about it , She said to bad i am allowed to do it if i want.

      I can’t come up with anything good……

      I can tell you one huge reason tossing the monarchy will be great for Canada…… UNIFICATION. Under a constitution as 1 people for 1 people. Because you cant blame Quebec for not liking taking part in a British monarch as England and France are ancient rivals(said nicely).

      • English_Transplant

        Wow.. Where to start.

        Monarchy or Republic, there would still need to be a Head of State, and presumably a Head of State would need to continue in each of the provinces due to the make up of our Federation, all of which would cost money. The fact we live under a Monarchy current has no bearing on this.

        While the GG does indeed have the power to dismiss Parliament and answers only to the Queen, this is essential to the role. The GG’s role is to be a referee WHEN NEEDED. Thankfully, we live in a system of Government that works very well, as a result of being “tested” for centuries in the UK. That said, we also live in a System where a PM does have someone who can say “no” to him/her and is a Constitutional Guardian. Just because the power of the office isn’t often on display, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Further, the last time the GG made a questionable decision was in 1926, before the Balfour Decoration, and certainly before the Statute of Westminster; a decision which turned out to be totally correct.

        Her Majesty does not “own” the Crown Land. It is held in a trust and is administered by the Government of Canada. It’s that simple. I defy you to provide a source in which Her Majesty “renewed a native treaty over Canadian land and people during Harpers term all by herself”.

        Lastly, I fail to see how tossing a completely non-partisan Monarch in favour of an elected President, who by definition can not “represent” 100% of the people would be in anyway unifying. Quebec didn’t sign the Constitution because of the Crown, and it’s dangerously naive of you to think so; the main reason Quebec didn’t sign was the “La nuit des couteaux longs” in which the other Premiers completely screwed Quebec.

        Wow.. Just…wow…

        • Mike

          There is one very good reason why Canada should have an elected head of reality if you ignore the official flowery language, it’s actually the PM who selects the GG, not the Queen. Our head of government appoints a person who has those reserve powers you mentioned plus he in theory has the truly bizarre ability to dismiss the guy who hired him, if such a situation ever arrised. That’s the big flaw in our system and one hardly anyone talks about. See Australia 1975 for more info.

          • English_Transplant

            Except that to remove the Monarchy in Canada would require a Constitutional amendment using the Unanimity clause, meaning all of Parliament, ALL of the Provinces and its generally thought a referendum would need to be held.
            I don’t known if you’re old enough to remember Meech Lake and Charlottetown, but this would have the very real possibility of breaking Canada up. All of that to simply remove the Monarchy? No thank you.

          • English_Transplant

            By and large, this is accurate, but what you call a weakness is the very strength of the system. The GG is not beholden to the PM as the PM can basically not touch the GG again…while he could request the Queen to dismiss him, we have another layer of protection, depending on why the PM is requesting the dismissal.
            However, if we are to ignore the flowery language and go with why Canada shouldn’t have an Elected Head of State, it’s because making Canada a Republic has the VERY REAL danger of tearing Canada apart.
            The Unanimity Clause is sufficient reason to not even think about going down this road.

    • Beverly E Bowers

      What’s wrong with being a republic??

  • nmfd72

    I wish we never fought the war of independence, look what we got for it! The U.S. is falling apart. Should have stayed under the Crown!!

    • Beverly E Bowers

      We are NOT falling apart!!

  • English_Transplant

    The REAL issue with both these types of “reporting” and Canadians who support a Republic is that they either do not take in consideration or do not know/understand what is involved in removing the Monarchy in Canada. It would require a Constitutional Amendment using what’s known as the “Unanimity Clause”. That is, ALL of Parliament, ALL of the Provinces and it’s generally thought, a referendum. Anyone with any sense of CanadIan politics and history should NEVER want to open up the Constitution to Quebec and Alberta to simply remove the Monarchy; they would hold Canada up for ransom…!

  • James

    Maybe someone could explain to me why Charles is so unpopular? I’m only 23 so wasn’t around for most of his life, but everything I’ve heard about him in recent years has been pretty positive. Sure, he makes his opinions fairly well known (but I don’t he’d try and get away with that while King), but overall he is a very progressive man, considering his age and background. He has done more about fighting Climate Change than many World Leaders have! I’d happily call him my King.

    • Beverly E Bowers

      Except he USED his “wife” as a baby maker, then ditched her for his “True Love”! He just needs to stay in the role he has had all his life! Get some fresh young royal blood in there!!

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