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American cable channel to air special documentary ‘The Royals’

The American network Ovation is set to launch a new documentary series about the British Royal Family. Premiering on the 26th April, The Royals will take viewers on a journey through the lives of the members of the Royal Family.

Divided into six parts, The Royals will provide viewers with an insight into the lives of the British Royal Family through the past decades. The first part features royal pets, including segments featuring The Queen’s beloved corgis and Princess Anne’s horses. The second part of the series will look back at the funerals of the Princess of Wales and The Queen Mother, and the traditions followed by the Royal Family in mourning.

The third and fourth installments are concerned with royal babies and youth. These episodes will look back at aspects such as Prince Philip’s strict upbringing and the much-celebrated birth of Prince George. The fifth segment will deal with royal weddings, while the sixth will relive royal scandals and discuss the relationship between the media and the monarchy.

The Senior Vice-President of Programming at Ovation, Scott Woodward, has said that: “Between a Royal Wedding and a Royal Baby, the world has been gripped by Royal fever for many years. Ovation delivers a captivating series tailor made for those obsessed with the Royal Family. What better time to air this revealing program than during William and Kate’s third wedding anniversary”.

Ovation is America’s only arts network, which airs programmes about contemporary culture, performance, people, music and film. The network previously aired a documentary about the British Royal Family in 2011, also entitled The Royals, at the time of the build up to the grand wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The documentary featured a number of segments about Princess Diana, and one part was dedicated to looking at the decadent lifestyles of members of the European monarchies. The channel has also aired the movies The King’s Speech and Bertie and Elizabeth, and showed the network premiere of William and Kate: A Modern Royal Romance.

The Royals will air across three days, with two multi-hour blocks on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th April. Viewers will also be able to watch a 15-hour marathon, from 7am to 10pm Eastern Time, on the 29th of April to mark the third wedding anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Royals was produced by Back2Back Productions and premieres in the United States on Saturday evening at 5pm Eastern Time.

Photo credit: UK_repsome via photopin cc

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