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Twitter lights up with comments about restoration of Buckingham Palace

When the announcement came in that Buckingham Palace was to undergo a £369 m restoration, it was no surprise that the comments bashing the plan spread across Twitter like wildfire.

There were the usual comments like that of Leigh who said: “People are starving, the NHS is floundering, schools are being closed down but sure let’s spend £369million on Buckingham Palace”.

The typically loud opponent voice of Piers Morgan tweeted out that the idea was a “joke”.

The unfortunate timing of announcing the planned refurbishment on Children In Need day was untimely, but as Will Travers pointed out the politicians are quick to point fingers to avoid attention on themselves.

Royal photographer, James Whatling was one voice of reason, pointing out that other than Buckingham Palace being a home it is also a national landmark comparing it to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the United States’s Statue of Liberty.

Daniel P.Clark was another one of those voices for the restoration. He even did the math figuring out that the construction works out to just over £0.80 a person.

What are your thoughts on the restoration? Are you for or against it? 

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