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The Queen is looking for a new £22,000 a year curtain maker – find out how to apply here

The Queen is searching for a new Curtain Maker and Soft Furnishing Upholsterer, offering an attractive £22,000 a year salary.

Her Majesty is looking for someone who is ‘talented’, and ‘organised’ to furnish some of the most famous buildings in the world, including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

The advert on The Royal Household website reads: “Within Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and St. James’s Palace there are more than a thousand rooms, all containing various furniture and furnishings. Your challenge will be to provide curtains and soft furnishings that will maintain the presentation and functionality of these unique environments.”

There is also a warning given that the work will be challenging: “The range of projects will stretch you. And knowing that you’re conserving and creating magnificent items that will be enjoyed by future generations will give you the greatest sense of reward.”

The 90-year-old Monarch only wants the finest curtain maker, and has stated that the applicant must have ‘outstanding’ practical skills, and must “be able to produce soft furnishing work of the highest standard in terms of structure and finish.”

The successful applicant will be based at Windsor Castle and will be tasked with furnishing state rooms with the highest quality curtains.

The job also requires working on existing historical objects:

“You will work with numerous historic items, you’ll survey and evaluate the condition of furnishings, prioritising work to both repair and preserve items, whilst also meeting the operational needs of working Royal residences.”

Applications to apply for the role close on Thursday 6th April. Click here to look at the full job description and details on how to apply.

  • vegastearoom

    What is so attractive about a £22K/annum wage for conservation, preservation and replacement of historic textiles? I think HM is being a bit … chintzy.

  • UF

    Her Majesty is very generous with her time. She’s a bloody tightwad with her purse. Sure is asking a lot for so little remuneration. Perhaps if the Sovereign Grant spent less on her brat kids?

    • PennieP.

      Perhaps they should consider getting rid of the person who irons the shoe strings. I’m curious how much s/ he gets paid?

      • UF

        Let’s hope it’s by the shoe and not the lace

        • PennieP.

          I know for a FACT Charles has someone IRON his shoestrings….
          Now, that’s a dandy gig, if you can get it..

  • PennieP.

    Who on Earth is going to “Upholster ” all these precious and timeless antiques for that crappy pay. A job at McDonald’s pay better.

    • Laura Salovitch

      Although I was too lazy to convert pounds sterling to USD, 22K per annum struck even this Yankee as unimpressive. Does the platitude about getting what you pay for apply across the pond?

      • PennieP.

        Hang on, Laura I’ll get the conversion to you in a second..

        • Laura Salovitch

          Oh, that’s not necessary, Ms. PennieP.! I overcame my sloth (but not until after I read your kind reply.)

          • PennieP.

            Thank you. But I’m still standing firm on my comment that one can make more at McDonalds or any Super Market chain.
            Valuable ‘antiques ‘?/?
            Last time there was an ad for Buckingham Palace, was for someone to TWITTER, of all things. And. And I believe it paid more..
            Valuable Antiques… Really, she does need to get in the 21St Century with that ‘Pocket Book ‘.
            Thank you for the post, and a wee bit of fun!!!

      • PennieP.

        OK. Equivalent to around $27,750.00 US dollars ,pre – tax.
        And they TAX the hell out of your pay.

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