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Fireworks thrown at Buckingham Palace during protest

Hundreds of protestors caused chaos outside Buckingham Palace earlier this evening when they descended on the Mall as part of an organised protest.


Riot police from the Metropolitan Police were quickly on the scene to ensure order was maintained, though that didn’t stop some members of the crowd firing fireworks towards the Palace.

The protest, which was organised by activism group Anonymous, was arranged as a means of ‘speaking out’ against Government austerity measures and abuses of power in public offices. They congregated at Buckingham Palace after visiting the Palace of Westminster and some other London landmarks.

Fireworks were discharged towards the front of the Palace in the midst of the protest – it is not known if they caused any damage to the world-famous facade. The Queen is currently in residence, and is joined by the President of the Republic of Korea, who is on a State Visit to the UK.

It’s not clear at the moment whether any protestors managed to enter the Palace’s grounds or attempted to, though there have been no reports to that effect at the moment.

During the night, Palace security consists of the Police joined by members of the Army, who help patrol the grounds during the night.

Buckingham Palace haven’t commented on the incident at this stage.

Photo Credit: Sarah Firth/Twitter

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