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Prince Andrew & Sarah, Duchess of York arrive in Balmoral for a holiday with The Queen

The Duke of York and his ex-wife, Sarah, Duchess of York, arrived in Balmoral on Tuesday alongside Princess Eugenie to enjoy a several week stay with The Queen.

As reported by the Daily Mail, The York Family arrived in Scotland by private jet as they seek to enjoy the Scottish weather at Balmoral.

Princess Beatrice did not travel with her parents or sister, as she was celebrating her 29th birthday at another location. She is, however, expected to join them in Scotland shortly.

Another notable absence is the Duke of Edinburgh who is enjoying the first few weeks of his retirement on the Sandringham Estate.

It is no coincidence that Prince Philip is almost 500 miles away from Sarah Ferguson as she holidays in Balmoral Castle. Royal Diaries are planned months in advance, and each year she arrives and departs before the Duke of Edinburgh is in residence.

Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson 31 years ago at Westminster Abbey in London.

They have two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, born 8 August 1988 and 23 March 1990 respectively. They are currently seventh and eighth in line to the throne.

The Duke and Duchess separated in 1992, amidst long periods of separation caused by his military career and media attention towards the Duchess, and divorced in 1996.

However, the couple committed to raising their daughters together and have maintained a healthy relationship post-divorce. They are often dubbed by the media as the world’s happiest divorced couple and still often holiday together, as they are in this instance.

  • vegastearoom

    They need to get married again. It might set a trend.

    • skogkatten

      The media would only tear her to shreds like they did before. Viscous bunch of piranha.

      • PennieP.

        You think they made up the story about her getting toe – sucked, topless on vacation with her two little girls playing right next to her?
        That was the vicious Tabloids?

        • skogkatten

          That wasn’t the media’s business, or yours or mine. What if they invaded your privacy with cameras?

          • PennieP.

            She should have done that nasty stuff INSIDE her Hotel Suite and not in full view of others
            Privacy? Make me laugh.

  • alwaysroyal

    Very good news. They are happy together and it would be wonderful if they quietly remarried. I think this would have to wait till Philip passed away as he is know for not having patience with her….. but she and The Queen do get along, so good for all of them. Have a wonderful time

    • Ellen Fickisen

      They are probably remarried.

  • pamela traves

    Love Andre and Sara, always hoped they wouls remarry!

  • Bunny7

    They are an amazing couple but their daughters are spoiled brats who act like everyone owes them something. The parents are both so good-looking and the daughters!?? I feel bad for them! They do not understand that the way they act doesn’t look good. Their cousins all appear to know how to act!!

  • Tina

    Hope they remarry, she is the life of the party while he is boring, might cheer him up

  • Judy Morgan

    Yes I hope they remarry, lovely to see them as a couple. Fergie seems so natural, and full of life. She’s good for Andrew. I bet she brings a smile to his face.

  • Linda Rice

    I hope they are happy.

  • Annette Girotto

    This Royal Prince, learned the native Hawaiian dance so he could perform their custom while there decades back. I hardly find that boring anymore than I find the flame between him and the Dutchess boring.

  • jacqueline nemorin

    who let the cat through the back door!

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