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New lectures at the Norwegian castle

It is not often that the Royal Palace in Oslo opens up for visitors. For a few weeks in the summer there are guided tours of some of the castle’s most decorated rooms, but the rest of the year the castle is usually closed. Last year, the castle held a series of lectures in conjunction with the King and Queen being on the throne for 25 years. Tickets quickly disappeared, and extra lectures were set up, which were also sold out quickly. I was lucky enough to get tickets to one of the lectures and got a big surprise when Her Majesty the Queen herself attended this lecture.

This year the Royal Family has chosen to repeat the success from last year and has set up some new lectures. During the spring, there will be a total of four lectures held at the castle in Oslo. This will happen in the castle’s chapel, where last year’s lectures were also held. Tickets for the lectures were put up for sale yesterday, and already many of the tickets have been sold. The themes for this year’s lecture are “Life at the Castle” and “The Castle Oscarshall” which is a small summer palace located in Oslo, about ten minutes by car from the castle in the city centre.

Oscarshall Photo: Norwegenstube via Wikimedia Commons.

The lecture in February will deal with preparations for the big dinners in the castle’s large dining room. March’s will be about how it is to work for the Norwegian Royal Family. The lecture in April will be about the construction of the castle, Oscarshall, while the one in May will be about King Oscar and Queen Josephine’s visits at Oscarshall. How they became involved in the effort to build the castle will also be discussed.

The summer palace Oscarshall has been available to the public since it was completed in 1852, except for some periods where maintenance has made it necessary to close the place temporarily. In 2009, the palace reopened to the public after a complete rehabilitation.

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