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‘Monarchy rocked’ as two Tower of London ravens are killed

As superstition would have it, “if the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.” So as news came that two of the ravens at the Tower of London were killed, some people were worrying that Britain could collapse and sink into the ground.


Jubilee and Gripp were both released just last year as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations

After Prince George’s christening, the monarchy was seen to be very secure due to being on the peak of popularity. However, just a few days later, only four of the six ravens remain, apparently putting the monarchy’s future in doubt.

Not to worry though… Luckily, the Tower of London keeps a ‘two ravens spare’, so there are still six ravens ‘guarding’ the Tower.

As for the fate of the two unfortunate victims, an urban fox attacked and killed them at the Tower of London. If it wasn’t for the spare ravens, superstition would have been broken.

The two ravens, Jubilee and Gripp, were savaged to death and eaten just before they were due to be locked up in their cages overnight.

A spokesman for the Historic Royal Palaces said, “Raven deaths at the Tower are not common, with many ravens living long healthy lives here. Currently, we have eight ravens at the Tower. The legend mentions six ravens, and we like to have two extra”.

The ravens, also known as the ‘Guardians of the Tower’ were released onto the grounds of the Royal Palace last year as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Since their untimely demise last May, Her Majesty’s loyal ‘subjects’ will be happy to learn that the Tower’s raven population has been reinstated: Jubilee and Gripp have been replaced …with ravens of the same name.

photo credit: flumpduck via photopin cc

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