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Keys Stolen From Tower Of London

A spokeswoman for The Tower Of London has confirmed that on the 6th November, someone broke into the Tower and stole a set of keys which, the spokeswoman said, “We can however confirm that during this incident, keys for a restaurant and conference rooms were taken together with a key to an internal lock to the Tower drawbridges that is not accessible from the outside.”

The Tower Of London, besides being famous for its bloody history also happens to house the Crown Jewels, The Crown Jewels were not at risk and “at no point was the security of the Tower at risk”, the spokeswoman added.

There is now an investigation underway by the internal CID branch as they believe it was due to a careless member of staff who has since received disciplinary action.

They say the Crown Jewels were never at risk, what with the keys not being for the main tower and said tower being guarded by military guards, sentries and Yeoman Warders, The chance of the thief getting to the Crown Jewels would always have been minimal.

Every evening, to ensure that the Tower Of London is locked, the world’s oldest military ceremony, known as ‘The Ceremony Of The Keys’ takes place. 4 sentries from The Queen’s Guards accompany a yeoman warder who systematically go round and close each gate and door securely and properly. Although this takes place, this could never have nor did prevent the theft of the keys, which must have been stolen from the security office.

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