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Duke Of Gloucester Attends Richard III Society Dinner At Tower Of London

HRH The Duke of Gloucester has attended a lunch with the Richard III Society at HM Tower of London.

medium_8099585909Prince Richard attended the dinner at the Tower of London as patron of the Richard III Society. The court circular said that the Duke of Gloucester attended a dinner at HM The Tower of London.

Prince Richard happens to share the same name and title as his Sovereign predecessor who, before acceding, was titled as Richard, Duke of Gloucester and was the protector of the child King, Edward V and his brother, Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York. Some people believe that Richard III had the two boy princes (whom he imprisoned in the Tower of London) killed so that he could claim the throne.

Richard III died in the Battle of Bosworth field in 1485 after losing to the Army of Henry VII.

The Duke of Gloucester has been patron of the Richard III Society since 1980, taking an interest in the history of his historic namesake.

photo credit: Dunc(an) via photopin cc

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