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Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Gearing Up To Move Into Anmer Hall?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge look set to take up Anmer Hall as their country residence as works begin on privatising the home; including rerouting driveways and adding hedges for privacy.

Anmer Hall, according to sources local to the area, is undergoing a period of renovation, it is reported. Anmer Hall, which is located on The Queen’s Sandringham Estate, was marked out as a country home for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since it was discovered Their Royal Highnesses were looking for a property.

As it stands, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge currently reside primarily at Kensington Palace and also at an Anglesey home to couple rented because it’s close to where Prince William works as an RAF Search & Rescue pilot, Wales.


Anmer Hall was reported this week to be undergoing maintenance works which would make one think it was expecting royal occupants. Driveways were moved, hedges raised and other anticipated internal renovations to the late-Georgian house.

Leased by the Duke and Duchess of Kent as their country house from 1972 until 1990, it has formed part of the Sandringham estate since 1898.

Since 2000, the family of James Everett, owner of kitchen timber company Norfolk Oak, has resided at Anmer Hall.

In January 2013 British newspapers reported that the Queen had allocated Anmer Hall for use by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Everett declined to comment on whether he would move out before his lease expires.

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