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Crisis at the Palace? Fourteen of The Queen’s chefs & kitchen staff resign due to ‘heavy workload’

It has been reported that at least 14 of The Queen’s chefs and kitchen staff have resigned recently owing to the ‘heavy workload’ of Palace life.

According to The Sun, staff are unhappy about working long hours between the different royal residences for no additional income.

Kitchen staff are often required to travel between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, juggling the Monarch’s personal requirements as well as supplying food for any other functions.

A royal source told The Sun“The place is in turmoil and the mood is getting steadily worse.

“Because the Queen now lives at Windsor Castle most of the time, chefs often have to go there, then back to Buckingham Palace for functions.

“Prince Charles uses the staff to throw events. Chefs are also asked to help out at Kensington Palace for William, Kate and Harry, plus dinners at St James’s Palace.

“People work all hours God sends for no extra pay.

“Nobody gets any time off or sees their families. It’s too much.

“They’ve concluded it’s not worth it anymore.

“At least seven chefs have quit, plus other members of staff. Some are very experienced and won’t be easy to replace.”

Buckingham Palace has denied reports of a mass walkout, saying that there has been to change to the usual kitchen staff turnover.

The latest reports of staff resignations come after a wave of senior palace officials left their jobs at the royal household.

An investigation by The Times newspaper last month reported that The Queen’s Private Secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, was forced out of the job by the Prince of Wales in what the paper describes as a ‘power struggle.’

Buckingham Palace and the Prince of Wales are said to be in the midst of a huge row over how best to manage the transition arrangements for when Prince Charles succeeds his mother as Monarch and becomes King.

Sir Christopher left his position in July after complaints by both the Prince of Wales and Duke of York. The Times report that this was the ultimate climax between Buckingham Palace and Clarence Hosue.

The Queen’s Assistant Private Secretary, Samantha Cohen who was widely seen in royal circles as Her Majesty’s No 3, also handed her notice in following the departure of Sir Christopher.

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