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Armed police close the gates of Buckingham Palace following Westminster terror attack

Armed police officers have closed the gates of Buckingham Palace as a precautionary measure following the incident at Westminster this afternoon, which is now being treated as a terrorist attack.

The Queen is currently in residence at Buckingham Palace with the Royal Standard flying on the roof.

There will be no plans for Her Majesty to leave London, and the precautionary measures are expected.

The UK Parliament is on lockdown following multiple incidents which includes a stabbing and car running into pedestrians.

At least one attacker has been shot dead by armed police.

The House of Commons and House of Lords has been suspended for the day – the first time since 2005.

Witnesses have spoken of hearing four separate gunshots.

The Leader of the House of Commons, David Lidington has confirmed that a police officer has been stabbed inside the grounds of the Parliamentary estate.

There are also reports that a car has been involved in a collision with pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.

Reuters are reporting that at least 12 people were struck by the car and were knocked onto the road outside of Big Ben.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, was ushered into a ministerial car when shots were fired.

Transport for London has said that the Westminster underground system has been closed following a police request.

  • Kenneth Hammer

    It’s looking like the attacker may still be alive. There are reports of somebody being taken into the hospital, escorted by heavily armed police.

  • Martin Kain

    What a ridiculous headline! They are always locked.

  • Elisabeth Waldburg

    I send my prayers to all those who were injured or perished as a consequence of the attack, we are not safe in any country in our time, terror is spreading everywhere. Most are youngsters; the Islamic radicals washed their brains. God bless England, and I will ask for a mass tomorrow in memory of the victims. As 50% Scottish I feel very close to those who are from my ancestry.

  • UF

    The mayor of London basically says just get used to it. The mayor of Tokyo basically implies there one needn’t. Different policies in each place makes the major difference

  • Midtown9999

    I know this isn’t earth shattering, but I’ve NEVER seen the gates to BP open unless someone is coming or going. As a matter of course, they are always locked…….

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