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Prince Harry teases Prince William is ‘envious’ of his Antarctic expedition

Prince Harry

Prince Harry sat down with Royal correspondent, Paul Harrison of Sky News to conduct his first interview since arriving in Antarctica. Beaming with pride, the Prince sat down and discussed some of the issues that came up before his departure as well as thoughts from his family before he left on his journey.

Harry mentioned that Prince Charles had reservations about his son participating in the 200 mile trek.

Reassuring his father: “My father was a little concerned, but I obviously tried to keep him calm and explain the North Pole was the dangerous one because we’re walking on a frozen ocean whereas this time there are crevasses. But hopefully the guides will take us around that. Apart from frostbite you should be able to look after yourself as long as you just head south,” he commented.

Jokingly he also divulged that his brother, Prince William was perhaps a bit jealous of his younger brother’s adventure now that William focuses his attention on Prince George and fatherhood.

“My brother, yeah, I think he’s just quite jealous that I managed to get away from a screaming child,” Harry laughed, with his signature grin.

The teams had the honour of meeting Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh before heading off on the first leg of their polar adventure.

“Obviously, I took all the guys to Buckingham Palace to meet my grandmother and grandfather, which they absolutely loved, especially Inge Solheim who was very excited, which was fantastic,” said Harry.

The interview of course would not have been complete without the mention of the “toe incident.” Calling it a “massive fail,” he continued: “I obviously broke my toe hoping to get out of the trip, that was a massive fail on my part. Friends of mine said I really should have gone that step further and break a leg, but I chose not to.”

Team Britain likes to give their Patron a bit of a hard time if the toe is even mentioned. “My toe is now 95%, so I’m fine and even if I mention my toe I see Duncan turn around laugh at me, mock me, so whatever setbacks I’ve had is irrelevant against these guys, it was always going to be.”

As reported on Monday on Royal Central, the teams are delayed at Novo airbase due to high winds and snowstorms. It is expected that they will depart for their second base camp on Tuesday.

“Every single person who takes part in this challenge is extraordinary. The fact these guys have made it to this point is extraordinary and I count myself incredibly lucky to be part of it,” the adventurous Prince commented.

photo credit: Walking With The Wounded via photopin cc

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    His Royal Highness Prince Harry wants to get some fun going in this adventure. Of Course this worries his Father , His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales is an Statement of a father having to worry about his son going to the South Pole. Any Father or Mother would be very concerned because of Health Risks. Frost Bite could severely cause the amputation of a body part and this is no Joke.
    All in all His Royal Highness Prince Harry wanted some attention of his Loving Brother , His Royal Highness Prince William , Duke of Cambridge by saying he is “Jealous”. Only Brothers and Sister know the truth. But His Royal Highness William of Cambridge must feel he wanted to make his younger brother His Royal Highness Prince Harry Feel GOOD!!!! And I think that kind of affection no other Brother or Sister knows how to bring the Push of Success!!!!! In the End His Royal Highness Prince Harry achieved the Success of the Charity for wounded Soldiers Trek and awareness.

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