20 May 2014 - 10:33
Prince Harry surprises tourists at the Colosseum


Yesterday, Prince Harry made an unannounced appearance at Rome’s Colosseum surprising tourists who were visiting the historic landmark.

The visit is part of Prince Harry's two-day visit to Rome

The visit was part of Prince Harry’s two-day trip to Rome.

A group of sightseers from the US and Canada found themselves stood next to the Prince as the site’s history was being explained to them.

As Harry toured the Colosseum, lots of people cheered from the galleries and shouted his name.

This visit marked the end to the fourth in line to the throne’s two-day visit to Rome, where he has been commemorating the Second World War victory at Monte Cassino and speaking at the Expo 2015 event.

The Colosseum was built between 70 and 80 AD and hosted gladiatorial battles, animal hunts and shows for the Roman emperors.

Wanda Quenneville from Toronto, who was in the group that Harry joined in the tour with, said: “I was in shock. That was really exciting. It was the highlight of our visit. He is so handsome. He is actually much more handsome in person”.

After visiting the Colosseum, Prince Harry continued his tour of Rome’s sights and stopped off at the Trevi Fountain, Campidoglio, Piazza Montecitorio, the Pantheon and Aventine Hill, before going to the airport to depart the country.

Photo credit: The Prime Minister’s Office via photopin cc

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