Prince Harry & Friends Hire 1st Floor Dining Room At Bumpkin, Notting Hill

5 April 2013 - 05:59pm
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The 3rd-in-line to the throne yesterday chose to ‘hang out’ at the Notting Hill branch of Bumpkin, an international restaurant chain with three branches in England (including one in south Kensington, near Kensington Palace).

Interestingly, the private dining room (also known as The Queens Room) which the party didn’t use, features a giant portrait of Her Majesty in it.


The 28-year-old royal’s group were said to have rented the 1st floor dining room, which features 50 seats.

The party then, according to some sources, headed to a bar called Bodos Schloss, which is 200 metres (a 1-minute walk) away from Kensington Palace, where Prince Harry currently lives on an informal basis until the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge move into apartment 1a very soon.

Bumpkin restaurant in Notting Hill is 1.3 miles away from Kensington Palace, a 7-minute walk or a very short drive.

No photos have emerged of the appearance.

Spotted an Error?

  • Yam_I_am

    If I rent something out, then I am the person acquiring cash for the service. In this case, shouldn’t one rather say that Harry hired a private dining room at the Bumpkin Club?

    • Royal Central

      Okay, point accepted. We’ve changed the ambiguous title.

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