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Royal Central’s stance on the EU Referendum

A letter from Charlie Proctor, Editor-in-Chief of Royal Central:

On Thursday, the United Kingdom will vote on whether to remain a member of the European Union, or to leave. Over the past few weeks and months, media organisations have been making their stance clear trying to influence their readers.

At Royal Central, we are keen to stress that this referendum is the people’s referendum, not the media’s. Royal Central neither endorses the remain campaign or the leave campaign.

The media will not decide this referendum, it will be the people of the United Kingdom who go to the polls on Thursday.

  • TGFD

    TGFD here.
    As an American with some British ties, and though I cannot vote on Thursday, I am 100% with “Leave”.
    If the Bankers want “Remain”, and if the Gov’t and the 1-percenters want it too, then Everyone Else should do the opposite and vote “Leave”.
    I’m praying that “Leave” prevails on the 23rd!
    Britain survived for over a thousand years without the EU. She can do it again. Vote “Leave”.

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