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Royal Central’s “How Are We Doing?” Survey Results Are In – Here’s What We’re Going To Do

Thank you to everyone who participated in our ‘how are we doing’ survey a few weeks ago. Thanks you all respondants on that, we now have a clearer idea of what makes Royal Central unique to you and how we can work to improve it even more.

What we have established is a need for some minor improvements. As a result, we will now implement the following changes in the next few weeks.

  • We will start including more images where possible of royal events and engagements because you said you’d like to see more images in articles. We’ll also be working to find more sources for the latest images we can use on site.
  • You told us you’d like to see more depth and detail in some of our articles. As a result, we’ll be working to include more about the background to particular sources and will be working on a new point at the end of each post to summarise what this means in context.
  • You told us we should continue to focus on the latest royal news, which we will. We will also be working on introducing new royal reporters to allow us to report on the latest royal news even quicker.
  • You told us you like that we publish articles on stories to do with the Royal Family that wouldn’t otherwise be seen. We will be working on this feature and introducing more reporters to cover these smaller stories.
  • You told us that our inclusion of Royal History on the site was a good thing. We’ll continue working on the blogs to make them even more enjoyable to read and introducing even more bloggers to write for us.

Once again, thank you all so much for helping us to tailor Royal Central to our readers.

We look forward to implementing these changes very soon.

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