12 July 2014 - 11:05
Royal Central launches first independent blog


Royal Central is pleased to announce the launching of our first independent blog, to be run by Lydia Starbuck, today as part of an ongoing move to bring even greater content to Royal Central.

The blog, which will be run by Lydia entitled ‘Ermine and Pearls blog’ will feature her insights, analysis and views of Monarchy past, present and future including detailed historical pieces using her knowledge of royal history.

Independent of the Royal Central mainsite, the blog will offer a different take on royal matters with discussions being fully encouraged in the comments section of articles.


Lydia’s blog is accessible at: ermineandpearls.royalcentral.co.uk

Links and notices about the blog will be placed on the mainsite too and we’ll also post the content through our social media accounts.

We hope to launch more standalone blogs in the future offering an even greater range of viewpoints, analysis and knowledge.

Questions should be directed to editor@royalcentral.co.uk

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