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Royal Central announces some changes

Effective 1 October 2014, Sean O’keeffe will become the Assistant Editor of Royal Central.

Sean joined the Royal Central team as a blogger and has moved up the ranks as a reporter, Senior Reporter and now Assistant Editor.

Sean will join the Twitter rota, work on obtaining photo rights for news pieces, securing interviews and continuing his dedication to reporting the news. Sean is also in charge of Royal Central’s sister Twitter: @RoyalFactsUK

Royal Central asked Sean to tell readers a bit about himself:

I am absolutely delighted to be appointed as Royal Central’s Assistant Editor and cannot wait to get stuck in to the role. Having been writing for Royal Central since May 2013, I hope readers will know that my interests in Royal history are quite broad, from the Plantagenets to Tudors as well as the Stuarts to Hanoverians. I really do take a keen interest in them all.

Quite recently I have become fascinated by the reign of Queen Anne and hope to, in the future, produce some informative and enjoyable pieces on this period of history. My passion for history began at an early age and I had always been interested in and admired the Royal Family, I guess you could say that I have been a monarchist since an early age, I just didn’t know it!

This passion for Royalty and history was further ignited (like many others as well) in 2012, around the time of the Diamond Jubilee, the sense of national pride I felt in June 2012 was remarkable, I really was a Royalist. I digress, in my role as Assistant Editor I hope to continue to contribute to Royal Central to ensure that it remains the most popular independent source for news on the British Royal Family on the internet.

I would just like to add that Royal Central works because of the great team behind it, a team that I am pleased to be a part of. As a writer and now Assistant Editor, my aim is to keep working along with the team to deliver the best Royal content we possibly can.

Charlie Proctor has been named Senior Reporter. Charlie Proctor is a Reporter for Royal Central; having spent a year working on the team. He has a wide range of knowledge on the current UK monarchy and is well-known on the site for being the resident equine authority.

Recently Charlie interviewed Dickie Arbiter. His interview will publish on 2 October, so as they say “watch this space.”

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