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Meet the Editor: Cindy

On 28th July, Cindy Stockman – Royal Central’s deputy editor – will step up to the role of Editor-in-Chief after the departure of Martin after what will then be two years in the role. Cindy, who has worked on the Royal Central team in several capacities over the last year, will help drive Royal Central forward to new audiences and help instigate even greater content for the Royal Central website.

Here are five questions with Cindy…

1. Tell us a little about your interest in the Royal Family? What caused you to become (Monarchist/Royalist)?

In 1981, I watched the Royal wedding on TV and I was hooked. It wasn’t the princess thing. I was not fascinated by Diana’s dress or anything along those lines. It was all the pageantry and the history. I was young and seeing The Mall, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s and everyone involved piqued my interest. I was at the library that week looking thorough any books I could find.

2. What have you enjoyed most about writing for and editing Royal Central?

As a history teacher, I enjoy adding a bit of history and background to what we publish. I like working with other writers and guiding them towards discovering, perhaps, ‘a bit of British history’ we can share with our readers.

3. What was the most fun piece to research and write for you?

I would have to say my interviews with Dr Lucy Worsley and the Royal Heritage series, which is great fun to research the castles, cathedrals, homes, abbeys, gardens and historic sites with royal significance.

4. What would you say is your specialist royal topic?

The Queen, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall are whom I feel are my ‘specialist Royals.” If I need to chose specific topics I would have to say history of the Royal Palaces as well as monarchs from The Hanoverians to the present.

At the moment I am delving deeper into castles and other places of Royal significance with hopes to add that to the ‘specialist’ list.

5. What are you hopes and ambitions for Royal Central as you take it into the future?

To continue to take Royal Central forward providing our readers old and new with content they enjoy. I would like to see our readers contribute as well. There maybe someone out there reading RC who has always wanted to write a blog. They may not where to start or perhaps need that first piece published to encourage them to write. I say come join us and give it go. That is how I started at RC and here I am today!

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