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Explanation of problems on Royal Central website

Earlier today it was reported to us that there was an issue with the Royal Central website which led to pop-under ads being displayed any time a link was clicked on the site. Unfortunately, on inspection by our technical team, it would appear our site was hacked and code placed on our pages to render these ads.

Fortunately, although some of the ads rendered were phishing attempts, there is no reason to believe the code itself on Royal Central’s website was malicious.

Unless readers have unwittingly put their details into one of these pop-up ads or downloaded anything it asks you to, there should be no further problems now and the issue should be resolved. If you have unwittingly entered your details when prompted for these, you can contact for further advice.

Royal Central displays advertisements on its website as our primary source of covering the costs of running our site – it means we can continue to offer our content to our readers for free. However, we do not use pop-up or pop-under ads for this and only use Google’s genuine ad delivery service on our site – no other service.

If you spot any other issues or suspect pop-up ads on the site, you can alert us immediately on our email address

We apologise for the problem and have taken steps to ensure breaches likes this do not occur again.

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