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Changes to the Royal Diary

As many of our readers mentioned, it would be great to have separate published pieces instead of one full listing of the weekly engagements scheduled for the Royals. Starting on 27th July, The Royal Diary will be split into two separate pieces:

  • Dispatches from Clarence House will cover Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.
  • The Palace Review will cover The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne, The Duke of York, The Earl and Countess of Wessex, The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, The Duke and Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra.

Do hope you enjoy the change and new format.

Featured Photo Credit: © Cindy Stockman 2010

  • Jan Wheeler Lachowycz

    This is a gr8 idea! I’m assuming that Prince and Princess Michael of Kent will also fall under The Palace Review if they are going to be out and about. I know they’re considered minor royals but I also know they do some things to help HM and the rest of the family. (PS: Many thanks to all of you because I really appreciate your hard work!)

    • @RoyalCenEditor

      If there happens to be a scheduled event that is published it will be added. The Royal Diary as published on the British Monarchy website does not cover Prince and Princess Michael.

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