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An announcement concerning the future of 10 Questions & Answers

As many of you who follow us on Twitter and regularly read our website will know, one of the unique things we do is offer an insight into the lives of members of the Royal Family past and present through our weekly 10 Questions & Answers posts. Recently, these have become less frequent as a result of us having lessened inspiration for interesting characters to cover.

As a result of this, we have made the decision to replace it with something more universal.

We will now be operating a section of our website called ‘Tell Me More About…’, which will allow us to produce regular articles on something of topical or general interest to our readers every week and doesn’t mean we have to go through the rigmarole of producing 10 questions precisely and can write about it in any level of depth required. It also means we can cover something other than a person, and that we can explain it in whatever style we feel is required.

We will be making our maiden post in this new category within the next few days.

Although we won’t be making any more 10 Questions and Answers posts, the existing ones will still remain on site, but will not feature prominently on our homepage after a few ‘Tell Me More About…” posts have appeared.

We hope you find this change to be a step in the right direction for us.


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