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Prince Charles honours Red Cross at Buckingham Palace garden party

On Thursday, a massive garden party was held at Buckingham Palace, to honour the British Red Cross Society. The party was held to the thank the organisation for over 150 years of humanitarian service, especially the good work done by them a hundred years ago, during the First World War.


Formed in 1870, The British Red Cross is a branch of the international organisation, which provides aid to people in crisis. The organisation was granted a Royal Charter by King Edward VII in 1908.

The charity played a great role during the First and Second World Wars, helping wounded soldiers by giving them first aid. Even today, the charity continues to provide emergency response and relief to people all over the UK, and is responsible for saving thousands of lives every year.

Since 2003, The Prince of Wales has been President of The British Red Cross.

Hosted by the Prince of Wales, the gathering also saw The Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra in attendance. The Princess is the Deputy President of the Society. Princess Alexandra’s great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra, was the first member of the Royal Family to become the President of the British Red Cross.

Over 6000 members and volunteers of the British Red Cross enjoyed the Buckingham Palace affair. They were entertained by native South African dancers and singers, and served cake that was made using a recipe that originated during the First World War.

Prince Charles chatted to some guests who were dressed in nurses uniforms from the early 1900s, and joked with the dance troupe.

Originally scheduled to attend the vent, The Duchess of Cambridge instead attended the garden party held earlier this week.

Photo credit: chego-chego via photopin cc

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