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Naomi Watts shines as ‘People’s Princess’ Diana on official poster

With just two months until the release of ‘Diana,’ excitement levels are reaching fever pitch.

Now, the film’s official poster has been revealed showing Naomi Watts transformation into the Princess of Wales.


Diana will be released worldwide in September.

Naomi looks stunning as she stands in the poster next to the main title, alongside the tagline ‘The Legend Is Never The Whole Story.’

The Australian actress bears a striking resemblance to the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, as she shows off a blonde cropped hair do and shows off the sapphire and diamond ring that has been now given to William’s wife the Duchess of Cambridge.

The forthcoming film follows the Princess in the final years of her life looking at the story of her relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan.

Last month, a one-minute trailer was revealed to the world describing the late icon as the ‘Most famous woman in the world’ and showing the actress recreating some of Diana’s most iconic scenes.

The makers behind the film, insisted the film was not “sensationalism or titillation”.

“We’re not here for sensationalism or titillation we just try to look at her relationship with Dr Hasnat Khan a man who may have been the love of her life,” said producer Robert Bernstein.

Earlier this year, Naomi revealed she was concerned about how the film will be recieved.

“It’s very difficult to play someone who had such a deep impact and left such a lasting memory on the public,” the two-time Academy Award nominee revealed. “Our memory of her is still very fresh and you have to be respectful of that,” she told The Sun.

The Australian also revealed she thought about how the film would impact of Prince William and Prince Harry.

“It’s also more complicated and sensitive when you take into account her two boys — William and Harry, But I want to do her justice and help tell her story truthfully.”

The film will have its world premiere in London on September 5.

  • Julaine

    One of the most iconic engagement rings in the world was most definitely NOT a diamond. Even if the Sapphire in the ring Naomi Watts is wearing is only half size in the famous ring from Garrads that Prince Charles gave to Diana and then Prince William gave in turn to his bride Catherine you should be able to see the difference between a diamond and a sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

    Interesting to note that they set designers chose to replicate famous pieces of her jewelry and not the pieces that she actually wore with the dress that is depicted in the poster. It was the dress she wore for her last public outlying and the jewelry she wore on that occasion was a diamond and pearl necklace that was borrowed from the jeweler and returned so that matching earrings could be made to complete the suite.

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